(Clearwisdom.net) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner who obtained the Fa three months ago. My mother became a practitioner in 1998. Since the persecution started in 1999, I had been deceived by the lies spread by the Chinese Communist Party in its media. My mother was severely persecuted in a forced labor camp due to her belief in Dafa. Because of the lies and my mother's experience, I was very much against Dafa. I even said and did things that were disrespectful of Dafa.

In March of this year, I suddenly had a strange illness with a bad headache and my whole body felt numb. I felt hot and cold at the same time, and could not bear any wind. I had to keep all the doors and windows closed, even on hot summer days in July. I was extremely uncomfortable.

My husband and I visited quite a few hospitals throughout the province but no doctor was able to make a definite diagnosis, only a vague conclusion of nerve disorder. We spent over 10,000 yuan on medication. However, my illness was getting worse and I felt helpless, stuck between life and death.

As a diligent practitioner, my mother had told me about Dafa many times throughout the years, but I had always rejected it. When I was suffering from the strange disease, she reminded me about Dafa. She said, "You are living in the period when the great Law of the universe is being spread around the world. You have a predestined relationship with Dafa and have been waiting for it for thousands of years. You should start cultivating in Dafa for only Master can save you." The time was ripe, and I finally decided to follow Dafa.

Within a week, Master cleansed my body and all my symptoms were gone. I now feel so light and free of illnesses. I am very grateful for Master's merciful salvation and to fellow practitioners for their selfless help.

My family has witnessed the endless miracles displayed by my mother and me, so my husband and my son are very supportive of my practice of Dafa. Besides completing daily housework, I devote myself to studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. Interference from other dimensions is relentless due to my late attainment of Dafa and my own karma, but I have been handling it well.

As a beneficiary of Dafa, I cannot express my gratitude to Master enough for having saved me after having dishonoured Dafa. I want to cultivate diligently, assist Master in Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. To return Master's mercy and to pay for the damage caused by my disrespect, I must do the three things well.