(Clearwisdom.net) The news about the indictment of Jiang Zemin for genocide by the Spanish National Court has caused significant elation among some Falun Gong practitioners. These practitioners like to talk about it and spread the news. I think that this reflects the practitioners' wish for a quick end to the persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I believe it also indicates that these practitioners harbor fear in their minds, a sign that they are not mature in their cultivation.

The collapse of the CCP is determined by Heaven. The evildoers are in the process of, or will be judged in the courts of law for their crimes; this is a certainty. For those non-practitioners who have been persecuted by the CCP, it stands to reason that they are happy to hear this news. Practitioners should, however, know that such consequences are a certainty, so there is nothing to rejoice about. Moreover, nothing happens by accident in this world; all events occur in accordance with cosmic changes. In fact, Master has made arrangements during Fa-rectification regarding what events should occur and when. If there is a delay, it is because some practitioners did not perform as well as they should have.

If we are willing to look inward, we may find that the CCP's persecution of practitioners should have terminated five years ago, and that this news about Jiang Zemin should have occurred much earlier. The reason why there is a delay for these events is because some practitioners use human notions instead of the Fa to look at secular events. Indeed, we've had many bad experiences for this reason, including the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese Communist Party's Sixteenth National Congress, the Human Rights Meeting at the United Nations, etc.

In Zhuan Falun, Master told us a story about an Arhat who failed to achieve a higher level because of his attachments to fear and elation. Dafa practitioners may want to cultivate to higher realms than the Arhat. Hence, a practitioner must have a stable and peaceful mind, regardless of what events may occur. At this time, saving sentient beings takes the highest priority. All practitioners should be calmly performing the three things as before, and use all news - good or bad, to assist us in saving sentient beings.