(Clearwisdom.net) We have often heard about some practitioners enduring physical illnesses and their conditions getting worse. We have tried to send righteous thoughts for them to help eliminate the dark minions and rotten demons. Fellow practitioners repeatedly sent forth righteous thoughts, but the results were not good. Some even lost their lives.

This has happened in our area, and this situation can also be found from articles on the Minghui website. One article reported that while sending forth righteous thoughts, a young practitioner saw a black python in another dimension winding around and persecuting another practitioner who was not in a good state. His physical condition deteriorated because he did not strengthen righteous thoughts and had lots of attachments.

Some practitioners have endured serious physical illnesses for a long time. Their conditions were caused by the persecution from the old forces, who have taken advantage of our loopholes. When we send righteous thoughts, the old forces will block us because they think that we were freed from paying back our debts in order to improve ourselves. Instead, we want to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate our persistent attachments. Therefore, the effect of sending forth righteous thoughts was not so powerful.

Master has us send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the persecution by those extremely low, filthy evil beings that do not play any role in the Fa rectification. If our righteous thoughts are strong, the evil beings will be weak and cannot damage Dafa or persecute practitioners. However, if the persecution gets serious, we should pay close attention and look inward to search for our xinxing problem. At the same time, we should share our experiences with fellow practitioners, study the Fa diligently, and cultivate seriously. We should be true Falun Dafa disciples.

A Dafa practitioner should not be affected by human notions and physical conditions. We should utilize our human body for validating the Fa. Master will eliminate our illness karma very soon if we can improve our xinxing. Otherwise, it will be exhausting or even unnecessary for us to send righteous thoughts just for eliminating our illness karma. Master is waiting for our quick improvement during this harsh persecution.

I sometimes read articles on the Minghui website stating that some practitioners received praise from their bosses, got promoted, increased their salaries or experienced other good things because they studied the Fa diligently or did the three things well. They became very delighted with the results of their diligent cultivation. In the beginning of each school year, we can always find some articles on the Minghui website stating that some practitioners' children improved their grades when they started Fa-study prior to the school entrance examinations. Some articles even mentioned that the students passed entrance examinations and made it into top high schools or prestigious universities because they recited "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" in their hearts during the examination.

There is nothing wrong with fellow practitioners using these methods to validate the Fa. However, it is not a correct approach to study and rectify the Fa more diligently when they need to, only to obtain blessings or good fortune. It may have a negative impact. If this becomes excessive, other practitioners may believe that they can use Fa-study to reach an ordinary person's goals. It may become an attachment for those practitioners who did not study the Fa thoroughly and for some non-practitioners.

Teacher said in Lecture at the First Conference in North America:

"As it is in human society, it has to do with what you carried over with yourself. You have a certain number of blessings while you practice cultivation, and you would probably have the same number of blessings if you didn't practice cultivation. What's the difference? The difference is that your mind is relaxed. In the other case, your mind would be tense..."

It is a blessing for us to practice cultivation, but blessings are not what we should pursue. Every blessing and tribulation is accumulated from our virtue and karma. While regular people transform accumulated virtue into blessings, we practitioners transform virtue into gong during our cultivation. We do not need to enjoy ordinary living in human society. This means that it is not appropriate, during Fa validation, to encourage fellow practitioners to improve by using these methods for obtaining fame and blessings of ordinary people. It may easily generate desires for showing off and zealotry.

We should not have an attachment to zealotry even if our houses were built with gold bricks. We should not consider all of the tribulations and losses we encounter as bad things in our cultivation path. We Dafa practitioners look at things from different perspectives than ordinary people. Since the persecution started, many Dafa practitioners have endured pain and pressure unbearable to ordinary people, and they have stayed on their paths. Of course, it is not easy at all. We still have many human thoughts and attachments. We need to study the Fa diligently and save sentient beings with compassion. We also need to understand Dafa rationally and step out of the notions of ordinary people.