Greetings, revered Teacher! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

It's been ten years since the minghui.ca (English version is Clearwisdom.net) website was established. Minghui is where Teacher publishes His lectures; Minghui provides a platform where practitioners, both inside and outside China, can share and exchange their insights and experiences in cultivation; Minghui is the Internet's central point that helps us to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings; Minghui plays an irreplaceable role in clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to the world's people. In mainland China, under the grim and gloomy sky, Minghui has been the guiding light for us practitioners. During the last ten years, I have formed an indissoluble bond with Minghui.

Minghui publishes Teacher's articles that guides us out of delusion

My husband and I started to practice Falun Gong in 1998, but we rarely participated in local group Fa-study and exercises, making excuses that our children too young, and we were busy with work and at home. Now, looking back, we really regret it. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, we almost gave up the practice, due to our lack of studying the Fa and lack of a solid understanding. We also did not know how evil the CCP was. My husband used to suffer from a very severe disease, and his doctor had said that he might only have a few months to live. It was our compassionate Teacher who saved us. In March 2000, we began to practice Falun Gong again.

At that time the sky was always gray; the sun looked like the moon and occasionally exposed its pale face. All the media were spreading the same lies, and many fellow practitioners were illegally arrested. We did not dare to talk to fellow practitioners when we ran into each other on the street.

As the Chinese lunar new year 2000 approached, I mustered the courage to visit an older female practitioner. I heard that eight personnel from the city CCP committee, 610 office, security bureau and the local police station were monitoring her movements. However, she was firm in her belief and took huge risks to help me find a practitioner that could record the exercise music for me. She showed me a sheet of paper on which was a hand-written copy of the poem "Self-Evident is the Heart" (Hong Yin II) which she said was relayed over the phone by a practitioner who was a university student. That student said that the article had been downloaded from the Minghui website. As if seeing a light shining in the dark, I immediately remembered the name "Minghui", and thought to myself that I must find an opportunity to access this website, so that I could read Teacher's articles.

The first time I accessed Minghui

At that time I had my own laptop computer, but did not really know how to use it. My workplace had arranged for employees to learn how to use computer, but I had a strong attachment to fear. I thought that if I learned how to use a computer, I would of course access information about Dafa on it and would want to produce truth clarification materials, and so would be persecuted for doing so. Because of this fear, I seldom participated in the computer lessons at my workplace.

In 2004, our main local material production sites were shut down by the CCP. I thought my responsibility was to call fellow practitioners from another city and ask them to expose the perpetrators of this evil and malicious attack. Then I realized that it was for me to access Minghui, and I should not wait and rely on others any longer.

My laptop was not that good on quality and specification, and I always found it difficult to log onto the website. I finally managed to get on by using the Dynamic Net software to access Minghui. What I saw in front of my eyes was the quiet and peaceful looking Minghui's main web page, with the characters "Falun Dafa minghui.ca" and the golden lotus flower. I held my breath as I stared at the photo of Teacher, and tears rolled down my face. I had finally found my home, like a long lost child. I downloaded Teacher's latest article "Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference," but then thought, how could I help other practitioners get a copy of it? At that time about 30 practitioners I knew had been arrested, and the CCP's surveillance on practitioners was very fierce. This caused many practitioners to start to waver in their cultivation.

I had strong intentions to help other practitioners obtain Teacher's article, and sent forth righteous thoughts. I went to a store and bought a small ink-jet printer, but I could not install its software. After carefully reading the instructions of the printer again, I found that the reason was that it required a computer with the minimum of 64MB memory. My laptop was long outdated and did not fit these requirements.

How could I overcome this problem? I stood before Teacher's photo, held both hands together in front of my chest and asked for Teacher's help. "Teacher, please help me to install this printer. I need it to print the new articles!" I loaded the paper and clicked the "Print" button. Then two copies of the new article printed out. The two articles were quickly passed among fellow practitioners and spread rapidly from practitioner to practitioner. Gradually, more and more practitioners started to produce Dafa materials. Even the CCP could not stop our contact with Minghui, Teacher and fellow practitioners from abroad.

The first time I prepared an article for Minghui

When I read articles from Minghui Weekly I always read them too fast, and could never repeat the contents. I also felt that I was highly educated and thought that those articles lacked literary grace.

In the summer of 2006, I printed 2 copies of a collection of experience-sharing articles about when Master first taught the Fa in China. I sent one copy to a fellow practitioner, and kept the other for myself, and took it to my mother to read. As the characters were relatively small, my mother asked me to read it to her. So, for her, I had to read it very carefully word by word, and I was very affected by its contents. I clearly remembered that two pages were bound upside down, and I planned to correct them after I finishing reading it to my mother. Only, to my surprise, after I finished reading it they were already corrected, and the book had not left my hands all the time!

I realized it must be Teacher deliberately showing me a miracle, to allow me to change my human notions. As I look back, I can see that my mind was deeply affected by the CCP's atheistic doctrines, and my understanding of Buddhist cultivation was very shallow. I wrote down this incident immediately and sent it to Minghui. I was pleased to see it published two days later.

With this publication I felt more confident to write more articles. I wrote another one about my work, and how I used Truthfulness-Compassion -Forbearance to guide my students, which resulted in them achieving great progress in their work. Within two days it was published on Minghui, and was also put in the "recommended section." When I read it carefully I noticed that the editor had made some adjustments with the structure of my article, making it easier for the reader, purer and able touch people's hearts. I usually was very proud of myself and was quite an arrogant person, but when I saw the changes by the Minghui editors, I was convinced that the changes were much better than what I had originally produced.

Fulfilling my wish to be a Minghui correspondent

There are a lot of touching stories from the practitioners around me. I interviewed them, wrote down their stories and sent them to Minghui.

During a Mid-Autumn Festival, I visited a fellow practitioner's home with some cake and fruit. This practitioner had been previously been sentenced to four years in prison. He lived in an old and dilapidated building with his elderly, silver-haired mother, and had a sick wife and child to look after. They relied on the old mother's meager pension and selling eggs to make a living. Although they had difficulty making ends meet, they still declined my gifts or gifts from other practitioners. They knew that the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners had caused personal hardship for most practitioners.

One New Year's night in heavy snow, the elderly mother staggered along to the home of the secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, to appeal for her son's release from prison. However, at the secretary's home there was a continuous stream of people bringing lots of gifts. This old lady was pushed aside and no one paid any attention to her. She also repeatedly went to the 610 Office to tell the officers there that her son was a good citizen, and only did good deeds since he practiced Falun Gong. She asked them to quickly release her son! The practitioner's wife was beaten black and blue when she tried to protect her husband from being arrested. After he was imprisoned, she contracted a very serious illnesses, but still went to the local police station and 610 Office to seek her husband's release. Several times she fainted there, but the officers and staff did not help her at all.

I also interviewed practitioners who had recently been released from prison. These practitioners looked firmer and stronger in their character, and their faces were so peaceful and calm. But the countless scars on their bodies revealed the wicked cruelty they endured. During the interviews, they spoke of how they looked deep inside themselves and dug out their own attachments by the roots, and how they were forever grateful for Teacher's blessing and compassion. Continually, they try their best to assist Teacher in validating the Fa and to do the three things well. All their righteous thoughts and actions make the evil CCP terrified.

Among the practitioners I interviewed, both veteran and new, there were a number of miracles that occurred. For example, one practitioner was thrown more than 30 meters from his motorcycle when he was involved in an accident, but he was not hurt. Another practitioner recovered from late stage cancer by reciting "Falun Dafa is good." There were many sentient beings who experienced better health and other blessings after quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

When any practitioner was persecuted, we would use all possible means to find out accurate information related to his or her situation and exposed the persecutors on Minghui. The aim was to expose the evil people involved. During the process, I have removed my human notions of anger, hatred, fighting and gloating over the evil people who received their retribution. Instead, my compassion has grown greater and greater.

Once, I interviewed a female practitioner who told me of her experience of being persecuted. In 2001, she was handed a few truth clarification leaflets, about the staged self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square, by a fellow practitioner. When she was interrogated at the local police station, they tried to force her to report where she got the leaflets and to whom she was going to distribute them. She said nothing, and was beaten with police batons until she passed out. She still has the scars on her body. Her husband and brother went to visit her, but they dared not talk to the police and just tried to persuade her to tell the police what they needed to know. But the practitioner would rather die than to offer a name to the police. She even told her husband how to handle her own funeral.

I have read too many cases of practitioners being persecuted, some even more brutal than this. But I found this practitioner's story especially touching. She was a doctor in a hospital. After she practiced Falun Gong, she changed a lot in her temper and how she treated her patients. She started to gently treat all her patients with great care, like they were her relatives. More importantly she followed the principles of the Fa and listened to Teacher. She remembered that Teacher required us to consider others and refused to tell the police a name, which would mean that other people would be persecuted. She also exposed two police officers. Later, one of the officers stopped persecuting practitioners, but the other officer continued committing evil acts of torture until 2007.

I suddenly realized that we must do what Teacher said,

"Exposing the wicked policemen and bad persons and publicizing their evil deeds is extremely effective at shocking and restraining those irrational, wicked people. At the same time, by clarifying the facts to the people on a local level it most directly exposes, and generates public awareness of, the wicked persecution. It is also a great way to save the people who have been poisoned and deceived by the lies. I hope all Dafa disciples and new students in Mainland China will do this well" ("Master's Comment on a Student's Article," November 2003).

The CCP is really scared when the truth is exposed to people. It is when we do not speak out that the evil persecutes us. This results in an unrighteous atmosphere that the evil can easily exploit, and that further leads to our being repeatedly persecuted.

There are many stories of practitioners going out on the streets to personally clarify the truth to sentient beings, and advising them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations on Minghui. So, I thought that I should make a breakthrough in this regard. For so many years, due to my fear of losing face, I was always afraid of being rejected or ridiculed. I knew that this type of thought is not of a true practitioner, so I decided to try to clarify the truth in person.

One day, when I spoke to an elderly lady about the persecution of Falun Gong, she grabbed my arm and took out a small size book of Zhuan Falun from her pocket. I thought, Ah! She is also a practitioner! She excitedly told me that her husband recovered from near death because of his positive understanding of the Fa. I was very moved. When I returned home I wrote down the old lady's story. As I read the article I was moved to tears by the lady's righteous faith in Dafa. My child was surprised and came over to read it, then said, "It is a modern version of a divine legend." This article was quickly published on Minghui and chosen for publication in Minghui Weekly.

When I read Minghui I quickly melt into it, and feel as if I really am dusting away the dirt of this human world. Two years ago, when I was released from prison a second time, I finally understood the reason why I was persecuted. It was because I was not firm enough in my belief of Teacher and the Fa, and tried to use human ways to protect myself from being persecuted. Also I had not cooperated fully with my fellow practitioners to form a whole-body. As soon as I was released I bought a new computer, installed broadband, and diligently did what a practitioner should do.

As I was persecuted twice, my husband was frightened that I was going to use the computer for Dafa work. He would lose his temper whenever he saw me sitting in front of it. So, for a very long time, I tried to avoid him. Since we were married I have always listened to him and looked up to him. I used my husband as an excuse not to take responsibility as a Fa-rectification period practitioner. How dirty my heart was! I decided I could not stay this way any longer. I needed to take responsibility for myself and my husband, and not let him stand on the evil side out of fear. I sent righteous thoughts to destroy and eliminate those vile interfering factors controlling his thoughts and save him.

I began to do everything openly and with dignity. When he came to see what I was doing I would show him and ask for his comments. At first he was still very angry and said that I would get sent to prison again. Then he would curse me, beat me, and would throw things in a temper. No matter what he did I kept clarifying the truth to him. Soon he did not care what I did anymore. Then, he started to read what I wrote and gave positive comments. Through my behavior I created a better family environment, and his attitude towards Dafa turned around and became very positive.

Now, I have no concern for the CCP's sensitive dates. I calmly and peacefully do what a Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioner should do.

The CCP is really scared of Minghui

The first time I was arrested I was hanging up posters to protest the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong. The director of the 610 Office decried Minghui. He said it was false and that I had been cheated. Although at that time, I had not read Minghui, I said, "Since you say it is fake, please openly show people everywhere what kind of reports it publishes. Then they could compare what is reported with what has happened. Such as what someone was like, how they died, and what you domestic security officers did for them. After making a simple comparison it would be easier for people to understand the truth. Then you do not need to spend so much money to block the Internet! That will save a lot of trouble!" The directors face turned red, then white, and then he left feeling dejected.

The guards at the prison ordered some inmates to brutally force feed me and said a lot bad words to me. I asked them, "Who told you to do this? Tell me all their names, and I will report all of them to Minghui!" Their wicked arrogance immediately disappeared, and of course, they did not dare to tell me the names.

I once heard a guard of a detention center complain to some officers from a local police station, "Don't bring those Falun Gong practitioners here. Even before they arrive, their fellow practitioners outside China already know our names and often call us.

When a practitioner was arrested and taken to a detention center, for distributing truth clarification materials and advising people to quit the CCP, as soon as she entered the door of the detention center, she spoke loudly to the guards, "Dafa practitioners have come here to save you all! Please hurry up to quit the CCP! Please remember "Falun Dafa is good" and will save you when the great disasters come. Three days later, this practitioner left with ample righteous thoughts and held a long list of names of those who wanted to quit the CCP. She advised everyone she met to quit the CCP. The night she returned home, she went to the home of a guard who persecuted her in the detention center and clarified the truth to all his family members and helped them quit the CCP. The next day, she continued to distribute materials and clarify the truth.

When the head of the local 610 Office suddenly died without any diagnosed illness, the mayor of the city became very scared, and said, "Do not let Falun Gong know this news, or they will report it on the Internet and we will be in a lot of trouble!"

The CCP is scared of people visiting the Minghui website, and has tried to coerce users to install anti-blockade software to shield the Internet, but our Minghui has never been stopped.

Fellow practitioners, let us enhance our righteous thoughts and act righteously! All of us should visit Minghui and support Minghui. We must help to improve Minghui and play an even more powerful role in upgrading our xinxing and saving sentient beings.

Please correct anything incorrect in my sharing.

Many thanks to Teacher! Many thanks to fellow practitioners!

November 8, 2009