(Clearwisdom.net) One day in a dream I came to a huge square full of people waiting for something. On awaking, these people stayed in my memory for a long time.

I asked myself, "Where were you? Were you among that crowd of waiting people?" If we relax our cultivation, are idle, and are not be diligent in our cultivation, we may very well be among that crowd of spectators.

Indeed, many practitioners in China have not yet stepped forward. A number of them have made an effort, but they still have not come all the way out. They pay too much attention to illusions and analyze the situation with human thoughts. Whenever something happens, they use human approaches to solve the problem. They have missed opportunities to improve themselves again and again. They are not clear about that these troubles exist for Dafa disciples. They also fail to recognize that their notions and incorrect thoughts are the result of the old forces' arrangements. Our notions do not represent our true selves. If we do not suppress them, they will take charge of our lives.

Sometimes when you feel safe, you are actually facing the gravest danger. Since you are walking along the path arranged by the old forces, given the right conditions, the old forces will destroy you at once, along with all sentient beings in your heavenly kingdom. Your slightest mental error could have a devastating consequence.

Let me use two examples. An older practitioner came to our Fa study group every week and left with 10 to 20 copies of materials explaining the Fa and the persecution every time. She died early this year. A few days later her family called a practitioner to her house. The practitioner was surprised to see a large box of informational materials that had been collected over several years. She had not delivered them.

Another example demonstrates how a diligent practitioner changed the environment. An older lady in her 70s has openly spoken with countless people about the Fa and the persecution for years and was frequently reported to police. She was involved in printing and distributing materials. She did not care where she went--be it a police station, a store, or a supermarket. She never stopped telling people about Falun Gong and the persecution, encouraging them to quit the CCP, and sending righteous thoughts at the designated times. She comes and goes freely--no one stops her!

Early this year she was posting Dafa flyers at a bus station, and someone took her to the police station. The officer in charge asked her, "Why are you here again, old lady?" She pointed at the person who had taken her to the station and said, "This man did not know the truth so I walked along with him to you." The policeman asked the man, "Why did you bring her here?" "She posted flyers in the bus station" said the man as he handed the flyer to the police. Looking at the flyer the policeman said, "The poster is too small." The practitioner said, "The effect is the same." "I know that, but next time make it bigger," suggested the police officer as he handed the flyer back to her.

Another practitioner in her 70s has spoken with many people about the truth face to face since July 1999. She can convince more than 50 people to quit the CCP in one day. She spends all her time doing the three things. Whenever she shows up at the supermarket, people call her "Falun Gong Sister." One day as she spoke with someone about quitting the CCPm a young man told her, "Old lady, please be careful. I have followed you for three days. I am a police officer." The practitioner said, "Hello, Officer, have you quit the Party yet?" The police signaled her to stop, but she said, "Do you want a book?" "What book can I have?" After the practitioner gave him a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, he said to himself, "Nine Commentaries? Guess what? I haven't seen this one yet." He put the book in his pocket. The practitioner left.

How natural and sacred! The conduct of these women is indeed remarkable. These stories exemplify Dafa's wonders.

Fellow practitioners, please catch up with the development of Fa rectification and become more diligent. Dafa cultivation is the safest and most sacred. Master has prepared the best for us. The current society is the best cultivation environment. Everything exists for us. We have all kinds of opportunities to do the right thing. Where else could we find such a convenient cultivation environment?

Master does not want to leave behind even one disciple. We should all use every minute to cultivate diligently. Master is waiting for our good news.

Due to personal limitations, there could be inappropriate points. Please correct me if you find any.

December 2, 2009