(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Performing Arts will land in Hong Kong for the first time in January 2010. People in China also look forward to Shen Yun's performances because it is easy for them to travel to Hong Kong to see the shows.

Former People's Daily Journalist: Shen Yun Allows Chinese People to Learn About Chinese History All Over Again

Former People's Daily journalist Qiu Mingwei

Qiu Mingwei, a former journalist from People's Daily, urges Shen Yun to go to China, "After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took over the country, it has destroyed the divinely-inspired culture and distorted Chinese history. Many Chinese people no longer know the true Chinese history. A show like Shen Yun will ignite great sparkles in China." Mr. Qiu believes there is a need for people to learn about Chinese history all over again.

Retired Professor: Shen Yun's Orthodox Tradition Brings Up Moral Level

Retired professor from Shandong University Sun Wenguang

Sun Wenguang is a retired professor from Shandong University, and was an honored member of the Independent Chinese PEN Center. Mr. Sun believes that people will be inspired by traditional arts that have been passed down for centuries. "It's hard to see traditional culture in China now. Many cultural shows are vulgar and people still watch a lot of it because there is nothing else. Shen Yun inherits outstanding art and culture from ancient China. I hope it can come to China soon."

Mr. Sun also pointed out that Chinese culture is a divinely-inspired culture. It talks about unity of man and heaven as well as good being rewarded and evil meeting with retribution. "We must inherit and carry on all the cultural properties," said Mr. Sun.

Shen Yun's Utmost Beauty and Benevolence Depicts Splendid History of China

According to Mr. Qiu, Shen Yun brings utmost beauty and benevolence to the world through artistic performance. "It depicts the splendid Chinese culture with a brand new view. The show encompasses the history and various ethnic cultures. I look forward to seeing it."

Democracy activist Wang Wei also expressed his wish to experience the glory and essence of Chinese cultural art himself.

Hoping to Bring Good Fortune to People in Hong Kong and China

Mr. Qiu said that he's been looking forward to seeing Shen Yun live. "Not just people in Hong Kong but also those in China yearn for the arrival of Shen Yun. It's the good fortune of people in Hong Kong and China to have Shen Yun here."

Mr. Sun and Mr. Mr. Wang also wished Shen Yun a great success in January. "I hope everyone can come and see the show, and witness Shen Yun's brilliant creation," said Wang.