(Clearwisdom.net) The Sixth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China has begun. I participated in the first five experience sharing conferences, and throughout my past ten years of cultivation, I have treasured most this precious opportunity of recording practitioners validating the Fa in the human world. After reading sharing articles written by practitioners, I was deeply moved by their selflessness, righteous thoughts and actions, and sense of responsibility for saving sentient beings. This sharing platform that occurs every year truly connects all practitioners, forming a “great circulation,” assimilated into Dafa. In view of the sacredness of Dafa, I am submitting my article along with my true reflections on this Fa conference, in order to share with all fellow practitioners on my cultivation path.

By 2002 the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had been persecuting Falun Gong for four years. At that time, I was studying in high school and frequently witnessed my classmates being deceived by the lies and slandering of Dafa. Consequently, they unknowingly created karma for themselves. Due to my fear at the beginning, I only talked to a few close classmates, as opposed to clarifying the truth to every classmate in an upright manner. I was very worried about how to help all my classmates completely understand the facts. I tried to hand out flyers on our campus, but it didn't work very well, because my classmates turned them in. I later thought that perhaps Teacher saw my heart for saving people, then enlightened me.

One day an idea for mailing truth-clarification materials flashed into my mind. I thought that this was truly a great idea. If I wrote letters, it was likely that my classmates would read them, so I thought to myself, “Let's do it.” When I talked to my mother about this idea, she agreed with me. Therefore, I began to write truth-clarification letters in my spare time.

I often played music while I was writing, such as “Pu Du” and “Deng Gui Tu.” I tried to calm myself with this peaceful music and to write the letters with a most sincere heart. What I wrote was based on the status of my classmates and their ability to accept things so that they could sense the kindly intent of the letters and understand that they were for their own benefit. After I finished writing, I asked my mother to copy them, then I enclosed a copy of truth-clarification media before mailing them. It turned out that when many classmates received the letters, they read them carefully.

At that time, our schoolteachers were deeply poisoned as well, and some of them defamed Dafa in class. Based on their misconceptions, I mailed letters to them as well, advising them not to blatantly slander Dafa or to poison students with their biased understandings, since doing so could ruin their futures. Sure enough, some teachers who received the letters stopped doing those negative things.

During that period, I felt that my heart was pure, and I had nothing on my mind except saving people. Even though I was very occupied with school work, I didn't look for excuses to not clarify the facts to others, and tried to take advantage of every opportunity to explain the facts to people.

After I finished the university entrance exam, evil forces took advantage of my attachments, and I had to leave home and move to another city. I had always lived with my family but was now on my own. At first, it was very hard to get used to a different lifestyle. Lacking financial resources wasn't the most difficult part, rather it was the loneliness in my heart that made me feel truly depressed. I was not a very open or sociable person to begin with, and I was very lonely during the first month living by myself. However, nearby fellow practitioners took good care of me, which warmed my heart. Their care helped drive away my loneliness, and I became part of their group, gradually turning cheerful again.

From time to time, I heard that practitioners from this area were being persecuted and that many were arrested by officials from the 610 Office. Fellow practitioners were very worried and were trying to rescue them. Since I'd written letters before, I took the initiative to write letters to help save them. Other practitioners agreed, so I wrote one letter after another. After I finished, fellow practitioners reviewed them to see if there was anything improper. I then revised the letters and finally mailed them. Gradually, I snapped out my loneliness, didn't immerse myself in personal feelings, and joined the great tide of Fa-rectification. It was just as Teacher said,

“Why do you feel lonely? If you go do things to save sentient beings and things that a Dafa disciple is supposed to do, you definitely won't feel that way. If you were studying the Fa and diligently cultivating, could you feel that way?” (“Fa Teaching at the 2004 New York Fa Conference”)

After a while, I went to another city, and worked in the local truth-clarification materials printing center. At the center, I learned how to use the Internet, print, do page design, and make DVDs. I worked with another practitioner, and we were responsible for the day-to-day center operations. At that time there were ongoing persecution cases, so we needed to edit the information received, write articles, then send them to the Minghui website. I also began writing news reports. I went from writing truth-clarification letters to news reports, to our local notices, sharing on Fa principles, exposing the persecution and commentaries on current affairs—I've written all sorts of articles.

The development of my writing has also been a process of xinxing elevation. I sometimes got stuck as I wrote a sharing article on Fa principles and couldn't continue. I looked within, discovering that most of the time, the problem was due to my attachments, including the notion of validating myself or having complaints about practitioners. Additionally, my human attachments gained the upper hand. I solved the problems only after adjusting my mindset, which made writing even easier for me. When I wrote with a heart of being responsible for practitioners and our overall single body, my articles were regularly published on the Minghui website, and, as I learned from the feedback, they were touching enough to move the hearts of other practitioners. At that time, I truly felt that we were one body, and through constant sharing were able to improve together.

When I first wrote articles exposing the persecution, I used very intense language and felt upset as I wrote, as if I wanted to start a fight. This was a reflection of the CCP culture. Later, I began reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Disintegrating the Party's Culture. My level was elevated, and I became increasingly calmer. At that time, I found that my articles became more peaceful, and the reasoning and kindness in them touched people's hearts more easily. If the structure, wording, and flow of sentences originate from one's native language, then the inner meaning of an article is determined by a writer's state of mind. This is similar to the Shen Yun Performing Arts show, which deeply touches people's hearts and is highly praised by well-known people from all walks of life. This effect is the result of the performers' advanced techniques and their message of pure kindness, beauty, and compassion, which comes from their hearts. Writing articles is similar, so no matter what we do our behavior is very important, because it is the foundation of doing any Dafa work.

From time to time, ideas flashed in my mind, and although I'm not very well educated, I wondered why it was easy for me to write articles. There are better-educated practitioners around me, but it was not an easy task for them to write an article. Writing was difficult and time consuming for them. At first, I thought that with a higher education, one should be able to write more articles. Was the trouble from not putting their hearts into it? Not really, since some practitioners were writing very attentively. When I was later writing a truth-clarification article, I felt that in other dimensions, there was someone reading to me sentence by sentence, and all I had to do was to type what was being read over there. Therefore, when some practitioners praised me for writing good articles, I didn't consider that it was me who did it, rather it was Teacher who helped me. My part was only maintaining a pure heart for saving people.

There previously was an article on the Zhengjian website related to reincarnation, which said that some practitioners were at one time about to come down to the human world, Teacher gave them many miraculous pens, which implied that we would use them to validate the Fa in the human world—this was our mission. Those miraculous pens are our Fa implements. After I read it, I was very touched and warned myself in my heart that if I was given this mission long ago, did I have any reason for not doing well? That was my vow. Therefore, when practitioners asked me to either edit articles or write articles, though I felt tired or didn't feel like doing it, I thought about my mission and could calm my mind and do well the things that needed to be done.

During the past few years of extensive writing, my writing skills have kept improving. From time to time, I saw articles on how to write well posted on the Minghui website. I read them carefully, then found the shortcomings in my writing and improved. Writing well-prepared articles for publication helps reduce the workload on the Minghui editors, for they too are very busy and very tired. If every article submitted from China meets the basic requirements of a published article, then it saves a great deal of time for the Minghui editors, who then won't need to spend a lot of time making corrections, such as sorting out the order of sentences. They could use that time instead for polishing the articles and making them more readable for our audience, thus helping to help save more people. Therefore, I suggest that practitioners who write articles on a regular basis pay attention to those articles posted on the Minghui website regarding the requirements for writing an article, so that we can make the most of our abilities and improve the quality of our website.

As Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners, every one of us was granted a sacred mission. Teacher is with us all the time to help us to build up our futures. It is up to us and it is our responsibility to use our strengths among ordinary people to validate the Fa better. If we waste our strengths, or use them for the sake of gaining fame and profit, then we've let down Teacher and sentient beings. We have to know that everything we have is granted by Dafa! Only by making good use of what we have learned in everyday society and displaying it to the fullest extent will we have made the best choices, harmonizing what Teacher wants.