(Clearwisdom.net) I live in a very dusty and dry city. My furniture and floors always have dust on them. As a result, I have to clean my home every day, which has always bothered me a lot. Today, I did it again. I suddenly realized that practitioners should not feel vexed. I should not feel bothered by the dust in my home.

I thought about it further and realized that I am annoyed by many things. When telemarketers leave messages on my answering machine, I delete them impatiently. I am depressed if my child works slowly when I help him with assignments. When having a discussion with someone who is very talkative, I become annoyed. I was bitten by a dog when I was young, so I don't like dogs at all now. But there are many people who have pets in the city, and the pets also relieve themselves on the street. I get angry about this. Whenever I saw other children's urine in the elevator, I became very upset. I was very upset by these things and this certainly had a negative influence on my life and my cultivation. I didn't realize this however, during the first ten years of my cultivation.

Teacher said,

"If you always keep a compassionate heart, and a peaceful state of mind, when you run into problems you'll handle them well because it will give you space as a buffer. If you are always compassionate and friendly to others, if you always consider other people when you do things, and whenever you have issues with other people you first think about whether they can take it or whether it will cause them harm, then you won't have any problem. So, when you cultivate you should follow high and even higher standards." (Zhuan Falun)

As a cultivator, I did not do well with respect to forbearance, nor did I do well with compassion, both qualities which are essential to the characteristic of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

The moral standard of society these days is sliding down a thousand miles a day. So many people act irrationally and selfishly, without any consideration for others. I know now that as a practitioner, I should not complain when people are being unfair. Instead, I should use my compassion to help them realize their wrongdoing so that they may correct themselves.

Because of my limited cultivation state and education, I find it hard to express my feelings when talking about such a profound Dafa. Please kindly correct anything inappropriate.

November 10, 2009