Name: Huang Chenghui (黄承会)
Gender: Female
Age: 49
Address: Group 10, Dingzhen Village, Caochang Township, Miyi County, Sichuan Province
Occupation: Farmer

Date of most recent arrest: August 15, 2008
Most recent place of detention: Local detention center (看守所)
City: Miyi County
Province: Sichuan Province
Persecution Suffered: Detention, Home Ransacked, Extortion, Brainwashing, Physical Constraint, Hung Up, Sleep Deprivation, Force-Feedings, Beatings
Key Persecutors: Yuan Huarong (袁华荣) (Mayor of the Township), Long Dingfang (龙定方)(Director of the Police Station)

( For the past 10 years, because Ms. Huang Chenghui practices Falun Gong, she has been held in detention centers and subjected to various tortures, including force-feeding, being hung-up and another torture method called "embracing a tree" for long periods of time. She was once so severely harmed that her life was in danger. Currently, the Miyi Police Department, the local police station and the township government frequently go to her home to harass her, and she is often arrested and detained.

1. Persecuted at Detention Centers

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, the township and village officials often come to harass Ms. Huang. The Township Party Secretary Liao Chengli led other people to break into her home and confiscate her Dafa books. They forcibly sent Ms. Huang to the township brainwashing center and extorted 100 yuan from her. At the same time, the mayor of the village, Peng Zongfu, put her under surveillance and limited her freedom.

In 2000, Ms. Huang went out to talk to people about Falun Gong. Police raided her home twice. She was arrested and detained on both occasions. During her detention, the police handcuffed her to a railing for two days. They didn't give her any food or water, and she was not allowed to go to the toilet. Every time Ms. Huang was detained, the authorities would extort 200 yuan from her.

In August 2002, Peng Zongfu reported Ms. Huang to the police. Policeman Cai Faxiang led officials from the 610 Office and the township security guards to forcibly take her from the field where she was working to the township government compound. They forced her to put her arms around a big tree and then handcuffed one wrist to the other. They didn't allow her to go to the toilet, and she had to wet her pants. In the evening, the police took her to the police department. Cai Faxiang handcuffed her arms behind her back. She was held at the detention center for two months. Guard Peng handcuffed Ms. Huang for over a month, and guard Chen poured cold water over her.

2. Persecuted at the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp in Zizhong, Sichuan Province

In October 2002, Ms. Huang was sentenced to two years of forced labor at the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp in Zizhong, Sichuan Province.

Huang Chenghui was also forced to undergo brainwashing. In order to "transform" her, the forced labor camp officials severely persecuted her, limited her freedom, didn't allow her to contact her family and tortured her in an inhumane way. The guards instigated inmates to monitor her day and night and didn't let her sleep. In the summer, they forced her to stand under the scorching sun for long periods of time, and in winter they didn't allow her to wear a coat or a hat. They also didn't allow her to go to the toilet and as a result she had to relieve herself in her pants. In winter, her wet pants became frozen. When Ms. Huang went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, the inmates beat her many times. The prison doctors force-fed her and damaged her nose and stomach in the process. For a long time her nose bled and her stomach ached.

Due to the ongoing torture and abuse, Ms. Huang became emaciated rapidly and her life was in danger. In 2004, the authorities extended her term in the forced labor camp. When she was eventually released, the forced labor camp didn't notify her family or allow her to contact them. She had no money to buy a train ticket home and stayed in the train station, hungry and cold. The perpetrators from the forced labor camp were Zhang Xiaofang, Fang Qing, Meng Mei and Xiao Li.

3. Harassed and Placed Under Surveillance after Being Released, Arrested Several Times

After she was released, Ms. Huang was still kept under surveillance. The CCP officials went to her home many times and harassed her. She was very sick, but they still didn't allow her any peace. Encouraged by fellow practitioners, Ms. Huang came back to cultivating in Dafa.

While she was practicing Falun Gong and engaged in talking to people about the practice and exposing the persecution, police from the Miyi Public Security Bureau and Lianhua Police Station and officials from the Caochang Township Government came to her home to harass and threaten her. They again searched her home and arrested her.

One night in July 2007, Long Dingfang from the Lianhua Police Station and Yuan Huarong from the Caochang Township Government led a group of people to break into Ms. Huang's home. They confiscated all of her Dafa books, and she was arrested and detained for 15 days.

In order to help Yang Ligui, the Party Secretary of the Longhua Village, understand Falun Gong, Ms. Huang sent him truth-clarifying materials. He was a former student of hers, but he called the police. In the evening of July 3, 2008, officials from the Caochang Township Government and police from the Panlian Town Police Station again ransacked her home. They confiscated Dafa books, a tape recorder, TV receiver and a set of speakers. They sent her to the police station, where two policemen severely beat her. They kicked her in the face and head. Her head was covered with bumps and she was not able to sleep. She then talked to the two policemen about Falun Gong, and they changed their attitude. The next day Ms. Huang was released. She left home and stayed somewhere else to avoid further persecution.

On August 5, 2008, police from the Miyi Public Security Bureau and Police Station and officials from the township government ransacked Ms. Huang's home again. They didn't manage to get hold of her. They went to her home every day and harassed and threatened her husband in an attempt to force him to tell them where Ms. Huang was. On the tenth day, August 15, police still hadn't been able to find Ms. Huang, and they beat her husband and threatened him. The police said to him that if they couldn't find his wife, they would arrest him. Under intense pressure, Ms. Huang's husband forced her to report to the police. She was arrested again and detained at the detention center for more than a month.

In April 2009, Yuan Huarong led some policemen and went to Ms. Huang's home and harassed her family. They tried to arrest her again.

The perpetrators included Yuan Huarong (mayor of the township), Zhang Hongfu (township security guard), Yang Zongxiang, Long Dingfang (director of the police station), Li Yongyue (political instructor at the police station) and Liu Chaocheng (policeman).