The Nine Commentaries DVDs Help to Effectively Clarify the Truth

Information presented on video is often more direct and more effective than text. Last year, therefore, practitioners in a data center burned DVDs of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Other practitioners, especially those who were elderly or not highly educated, said that they benefited a lot from watching them. A set of the Nine Commentaries DVDs contained six discs. The data center soon had to stop burning the DVDs because of the cost, so practitioners circulated existing sets among themselves. Some practitioners thought these DVDs would be a great help in clarifying the facts and wanted to pass them on to non-practitioners. I agreed and hoped that non-practitioners would be able to obtain the DVDs as soon as possible. These DVDs would not only help counteract the poison of the Communist Party, they would also carry the power of the Fa to save sentient beings. I spoke with a coordinator, and we decided that I would work on this project alone. I burned as many Nine Commentaries DVDs as needed during the following months. Other practitioners shared the DVDs with non-practitioners from one family to another.

Some practitioners responded enthusiastically. They bought DVD players and collected all the discs that had been burned in recent years, then lent the players and discs to relatives and friends. The results were wonderful.

Maintain Secure Communications

No matter which project we are working on, ensuring computer security is always key. Some practitioners, especially elderly ones, felt a little intimidated when they were asked to navigate to the Minghui website. But it is not difficult. One practitioner I know thought she was too old and unfamiliar with computers, so she initially found it difficult to use the Internet. But after we discussed it several times, she realized that she was blocked by her own notion. She soon bought a notebook computer, and I patiently taught her all I could. Now she can browse the Internet, download Minghui Weekly, and communicate with other practitioners online.

Clarify the Facts About Falun Dafa to People in Remote Areas

We reviewed the areas where we had focused our distribution of Falun Dafa fliers. We felt that our local area had been well covered. In rural areas, however, there were few practitioners, and they lived relatively far apart. Since remote areas were rarely covered, we formed a special group to distribute fliers there. We had one local practitioner who was in charge of transportation. When he was ready, he would notify the rest of the group, who would go with him.

We were not familiar with remote areas. I did online research and printed satellite maps in advance. We obtained basic information about the areas, including what the main streets were, the number of families, and the direction between villages. With this information, we did not need to ask local people for directions, which enhanced our safety.

Expose and Restrain the Evil

To better save sentient beings and restrain the evil, we should expose evil deeds as they occur in a particular area. In our area, if the evil persecutes a practitioner, we publicize the evil deeds. This often makes it more difficult for the evil to continue.

Local practitioners do not always know each other, which makes it more difficult to publicize the case if some of them are persecuted. Whenever I hear about the persecution of an unknown practitioner, I make direct or indirect contact with his or her family, collect information, and quickly publicize it on the Internet. The greater the detail, the more frightened the persecutors become. The risk of negative publicity motivates them to restrain their evil nature.

I collect data on the local 610 Office and Domestic Security Division on a regular basis. For example, I use my cell phone to take pictures of officials at public events. When I go to government offices and police stations on business, I record the names and phone numbers of the people in charge. Other practitioners also help me to collect this information. The data is very useful when writing powerful articles to expose the evil. Although we have not established a special project for it, I have become a data center for exposing the evil because I actively collect relevant information.

This is our experience of clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa. Please point out any inadequacies. Heshi.

Written on October 27, 2009