Name: Jiang Fuxiang (江福香)
Age: 60
Occupation: Unknown

Date of Most Recent Arrest:October, 2006
Most recent place of detention:
Masanjia Labor Camp (马三家劳教所 )
City: Shenyang
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, interrogation, home ransacked, reeducation through labor, living under surveillance

( (Minghui correspondent in Liaoning Province) Ms. Jiang Fuxiang, 60, is from Benxi City, Liaoning Province. She began practicing Falun Gong in 1995. Since then, her diseases were cured, and her mental health improved. However, in the last ten years, because of the persecution against Falun Gong, her home was raided twice, she was detained and arrested three times, sent to a labor camp three times, and detained for a total of four years. Her son was implicated. Her husband died from the anger and sorrow.

In July 1999, Jiang Fuxiang went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. At that time, there were hundreds of police from various provinces across China surrounding the appeals office. They detained those who came to appeal. Before Ms. Jiang even reached the office, she was detained and interrogated. The stripped off all of her clothes and took away her belongings. She was forced to take the train back to Benxi City under police surveillance.

After she returned to Benxi, she continued to be detained. She did not eat for two full days. Police officer Cao Yong from Mingshan Police Station in Benxi City sent her to Ajialing Detention Center. She was kept there for 15 days.

In late October 1999, police officer Cao Yong broke into Ms. Jiang's home illegally and asked whether Ms. Jiang and her son still practiced Falun Gong. They both said yes. They were taken right away to Ajialing Detention Center and kept there for 15 days. During her detention, Ms. Jiang was severely tortured. At the end of 15 days, police asked her again whether she still wanted to practice. They said that if she said yes, they would send her to a prison right away.

At about 11 p.m. on December 28, 2001, Cao Yong and four or five police broke into Ms. Jiang's home and raided it without a warrant.

Ms. Jiang asked Cao why they raided her home. Cao said, "Don't blame me. I am not the one arresting you. Our police station had arrested enough people. The City Police Department needs more arrests. You and your son must go with us."

After they raided her home, they took Ms. Jiang and her son to the police station and kept them in a cell overnight.

The next day, Ms. Jiang was sent to Benxi City Detention Center. After 13 days there, she was sent to Masanjia Labor Camp for a year. She was brutally tortured while at Masanjia.

In October 2006, Ms. Jiang was taken to Benxi Detention Center when she was trying to tell people about the persecution. She was again sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp, where she was severely tortured. Her husband came to visit her and saw how emaciated she was. He was very sad and angry. Their home was subsequently raided and their son was implicated. Ms. Jiang's husband was so overwhelmed by sadness and anger that he died within one month of visiting her.

    In May 2008, Ms. Jiang was released. Even after she returned home, policeman Yuan Guoping from Benxi City continued to threaten her. He told her, "You have to tell us where you are going. You cannot just go anywhere at will. Your ID will be checked whenever you take a bus. Since you are a Falun Gong practitioner, you cannot go anywhere. We will watch you for three years after your release from the labor camp."