(Clearwisdom.net) I am 58 years old. In 2005, a practitioner gave me a Dafa book and asked me to read it. I couldn't read the book very well, because I knew very few Chinese characters, but the true reason was that I didn't know how precious Dafa was. During the years after I obtained the book, I did not perform the exercises well, nor study the Fa. Several years passed, and I still could not perform the movements correctly, and had not read through Zhuan Falun even once. Honestly speaking, I didn't even know what Falun Dafa was for. However, in my heart, I knew that Dafa was good and that I practiced Falun Gong. Perhaps since I had such a mentality, our compassionate Master didn't give up on me. Last year, Master sent a practitioner whom I did not know to my home. She talked to me about how precious the cultivation opportunity is, the boundless magnificence of Dafa, and Master's compassionate consideration in arranging our meeting.

She taught me the movements, and brought Dafa books (someone had taken my other book). When she learned that I knew only a few characters and had difficulty studying the Fa, she not only taught me to read, but also gave me an MP3 player. When I tried to pay her, she refused to take anything, and urged me to study the Fa and cultivate my xinxing. I was grateful to her, and felt that Dafa practitioners were really very good. The practitioner said, "If you can cultivate strictly according to Dafa, you will become a kind and good person in the future, too. Dafa helps people become good."

After I studied the Fa more, I realized that not only should I do the exercises, but that it is more important to cultivate xinxing. In order to validate the magnificence of Dafa, I wrote down some of my cultivation experiences to report to Master.

1. Before I learned Dafa, I argued with my family whenever they complained. Usually, the more we argued, the more angry we became, and not one of us would compromise. After I started to cultivate, I kept silent when my family argued with me. I thought, "I have learned Dafa. I should forbear and not be the same as them." In such a situation, a family member would stop complaining. If he or she kept complaining, I calmed them down peacefully. My family subsequently became more harmonious, and they now support me. When practitioners visit me, they show respect to them, because they know that people who practice Dafa are all good.

2. My mother is over 90 years old, and lived in my house for awhile, not long ago. I asked her to listen to Master's lectures. After she listened for awhile, she realized that Dafa is good. She said happily, "Doesn't this persuade all people to be good?!" She enjoyed listening to Master's lectures. Sometimes, when I was listening to Master's lecture, she got excited and asked, "Please let me listen too." Although she has not yet truly stepped into cultivation, Dafa's magnificence is already deeply rooted in her heart.

I also taught my mother to say "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." I reminded her to say those two sentences as often as possible. Everyone who knows Dafa recognizes that Dafa is righteous and good!

3. One of my aunts is over 70 years old. She always talks to me about how much pain she has over her entire body. I told her sincerely, "Come to learn Dafa." She was very willing to learn, so I gave her the Dafa books. Her daughter-in-law is a Christian and did not allow her to learn Dafa, so she learned without letting her daughter-in-law know. Since she did not know many Chinese characters, she asked her grandson to stay with her at night so that he could teach her to read. Her efforts paid off, and she was eventually able to read the Dafa books. I will teach her the exercises and help her to cultivate in Dafa.

Therefore, just like this, several of my relatives have read Dafa books and they all know that Dafa teaches people to be good.

4. This fall, when I went to harvest peanuts on my farm, I discovered that all the peanuts had been stolen. At the time, I did not get angry. Others asked me, "Your peanuts are gone. You must be angry, right?" I said, "I am not angry. It's not worth it. It is a harvest, no matter who harvested it."

At that time, the other people who also lost their peanut harvest were cursing loudly and their words were very ugly. If I had not cultivated in Dafa, I probably would have cursed too, and felt quite angry. However, now I cultivate in Dafa and know that nothing happens by chance. Things will be lost if they are meant to be lost. If you did not lose one thing, you may lose another.

I did lose my peanut harvest, and looking at it based on the thinking of everyday people, I suffered a loss. In actuality, I have not suffered a single loss. From the day that I lost the harvest, I felt the symptom of dizziness go away. I think that was due to the transformation of karma.

If I had not cultivated, I would not have become kind and forgiving. Dafa has changed my heart, and I no longer foster hatred of others. Instead, I treat others kindly.

Written on October 19, 2009