Greetings Master,

Today I am most honored to report on my cultivation and that of my wife, over the past 13 years. Both of us are in our eighties. Because neither of us has much education and we are not very literate, we asked a fellow practitioner to help us write this report.

1. Obtaining the Fa and Eliminating Karma

Both of us obtained the Fa in 1996. My sister-in-law gave my wife a copy of the book Zhuan Falun and told her that even though she was illiterate, she could still learn it if she used her heart.

My wife then held Zhuan Falun and began reading, asking me every word along the way. At the beginning I was not too willing to help her, but slowly I found that she had begun to learn a lot of new words. In the end, she actually finished reading the entire book. Today, she has already memorized and recited it eight times over. In a short period of time, her body underwent a huge change. Many of her illnesses were healed, especially her troubling throat inflammation. One day I saw two big purple marks on her throat, and I asked her to quickly take some medicine. She replied that it was fine, because Master was helping her to eliminate karma. Miraculously, from then on, her throat recovered and her throat inflammation, which troubled her for years, disappeared.

I was deeply struck by this incident. Due to my old age and a myriad of health problems, I also began practicing Dafa under her encouragement. In a short period of time, all my health problems vanished. In particular, when my urolithiasis began to hurt really badly, I told my wife that I would never take medicine, even if I died. That night, three stones came pouring out when I urinated and my entire body felt relieved.

Once, I suddenly felt dizzy while walking along the street as if I was going to die immediately. I begged Master in my heart: Master, if I am really to die, please do not let me die here so as to cause Dafa possible defamation. I did not think about going to the hospital and simply begged Master all the way. After a while, all the symptoms disappeared. In the years that followed, whether it is sickness karma or the old forces persecuting us, we have always made it through with our righteous thoughts.

2. Overcoming Barriers to Clarify the Truth

After the persecution began in 1999, my wife went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong and was illegally detained in a brainwashing facility for seven days. None of this persecution ever caused our faith in Dafa to waiver. During a Fa Conference in 2001, my wife was taken to a detention center again. Due to her refusal to submit to the evil's demands, she was tied on a tiger bench and hung from a pole. Seeing how other practitioners were beaten up brutally, she told me that she did not have any fear in her heart and continued to clarify the truth throughout her time in detention.

After her arrest, the local police station sent a dozen people in several big and small cars to my home one day. I felt very uneasy, not because I was afraid of being arrested, but because I was afraid my neighbors would know that the police were harassing my family. At that time, I did not realize that what I am doing is the most righteous.

Hearing them shouting, I was unable to maintain myself and began arguing with them, telling them that there's nothing wrong with my wife's practicing Falun Gong. I said that whatever she does is up to her, it is her freedom and no one has the right to stop her. "Falun Gong is good! Even though you're wearing a police uniform now, you're also a citizen of society; don't you shout these things here!"

Sometimes they would also come to my house while I was reading Dafa books. Seeing me read, they would snatch the book away. Immediately I would say sternly, "Put that down, you're not fit to hold that book!" Seeing my righteousness, they would not do anything to me.

Due to sentimentality towards my wife, I was worried that she could not take the harsh treatment in prison and developed a bad thought: I will use money to bail out my wife. However, Master saw my thoughts and enlightened me. I then thought, "That's not right! Isn't that like an ordinary human being? I am a Dafa disciple. If everyone knows that my wife has been arrested, why don't I use this opportunity to tell others that due to her practicing Falun Gong and wanting to become a very good person according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, she has been imprisoned in the detention center and persecuted?"

After speaking to everyone close by, I went to even further places to clarify the truth. In the city, I would go to the police station and talk to every policemen who walked by. Since that time, without stop, I began to break through my inner barriers about truth clarification. In less than a month, under Master's protection, I came home without scratch.

3. Ridding Fear in Saving Sentient Beings

After my wife returned home, we learned that in order to keep up with Fa-rectification, besides practicing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts and studying the Fa, we have to go out to save sentient beings. In the local area, at the market, mall, train station and bus stops, we would clarify the truth and give out Dafa materials. Sometimes we would also take the bus to other places over a hundred kilometers away to clarify the truth and to help others denounce their party membership.

Whenever I was talking, my wife would send righteous thoughts, eliminating all evil forces behind the person. She would also add in a few words to support me, and the effect was very good. Every time we went out, we would first send righteous thoughts, and then grab our flyers, booklets and pen and paper. Sometimes when our hearts are clear and our righteous thoughts are strong, we are able to do well. On the other hand, we were not always able to perform well. Once after clarifying the truth to another old man, we were just about to help him denounce his party membership, when I saw him looking straight ahead. I followed his line of sight and saw a policeman. Due to my attachment to fear, my wife did not dare to give him a flyer, and we scurried away.

After years of truth clarification, we've seen sentient beings exalt after being saved, as well as others who've been manipulated by the lies curse at us. Nevertheless, our hearts remained calm. Every year, the two of us have been able to help approximately two hundred people denounce their party membership. My understanding is that, only through looking inwards and getting rid of our attachments to fear can we improve our xinxing!