(Clearwisdom.net) During the past few months, several sayings from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials have become widespread on the Internet. I'd like to share some thoughts on these new political catch phrases.

The first one is, "Are you going to speak for the [Chinese Communist] Party or the public?" Lu Jun, Deputy Head of Zhengzhou City Planning Bureau in Henan Province, asked this question back in June when a journalist interviewed him regarding the Xushui Town government violating rules in constructing apartment buildings. What Lu Jun meant seems to be that "speaking for the Party" would hurt the public's interest and "speaking for the public" would hurt the Party's interest. Apparently Lu Jun thought the two were mutually exclusive. This implication soon caught the attention of the whole country.

The second phrase is "Are you a Party member?" A newspaper in Zhengzhou City published a report entitled "Dog Administration Office Collects Fees without Doing Anything" on November 4, 2009. In the report, the journalist detailed an interview with Wang Guanqi, the City Construction Division Head of Extra-Budget Fund Administration Bureau. When asked about the whereabouts of the 1.2 million- yuan fees collected from dog owners in the city, Wang Guanqi questioned the journalist, "Are you a Party member? If you want to report on the use of the funds, you must seek approval from our Bureau Party Committee and the spokesman in the first place. It is a violation of policy that your office asked you to directly interview me!" After the report was published, "Are you a Party member" immediately became a catch phrase on the Internet. Some citizens pointed out, "By law, journalists have the right to interview anyone. How can your Party committee and the spokesman have more authority than the law?"

During the past sixty years of its totalitarian rule of China, the CCP has always attempted to find something to cover up the many things it has done that hurt the people. During the June 4th student democracy movement in 1989, the CCP used "social stability" as an excuse to justify its orders to send tanks to run over and crush students. However, nowadays some Party officials don't even bother to find excuses for their actions or words anymore.

The above two catch phrases are not the most revealing. After all, the two officials were simply questioning journalists. After seven Falun Gong practitioners from Nong'an County, Jilin Province were taken away from their homes by police, their families hired a lawyer to defend them in their second trial.

On the afternoon of October 21, 2009, the practitioners' family members got the word that their loved ones would be tried at 2:00 pm on October 23. This trial would be just like the first one - not open to the public. The judge would simply deliver a verdict without the presence of the defendants' attorney. After learning this news, the lawyer rushed to Nong'an, hoping to see the practitioners at the detention center. However, under pressure from the Nong'an County Political and Legal Committee and the 610 Office, the detention center refused to allow the lawyer to meet with the practitioners. The lawyer then went to the Political and Legal Committee and the 610 Office to appeal. He was shocked to hear 610 Office Head Ma saying the following, "For the stability of Nong'an, we just can't have you see the practitioners. I don't care if you have anyone to back you up. You're here and you have to listen to us. We care about politics, not law. Go sue us wherever you want." The lawyer was infuriated, "This is outrageous. They don't even care about saving face!"

"We care about politics, not law." 610 Office Head Ma pointed out the relationship between the CCP and the law. "Politics" is an ax held up high by the CCP. With it, it can launch political movements to suppress its people at will. What is the CCP's politics? Their "politics" is to maintain the Party's rule at all costs. The political stability that the CCP seeks is stability under its totalitarian rule, not the stability of the lives of the citizens.

"Law" has long been used by the CCP as a cover to sabotage human rights and kill innocent people. At present, the CCP does not even bother to use law as an excuse, which can be seen by its persecution of several high-profile human rights lawyers such as Gao Zhisheng and Wang Yonghang.

As the saying goes, "A cycle of sixty years, a cycle of reincarnation." The CCP has ruled China for sixty years, which is just a fleeting moment in the long history of the Chinese nation. However, for people who live in China, sixty years represents more than two thirds of their lifetime. What saddens me more is that younger generations, born into the totalitarian rule of the CCP, does not even know how beautiful a society free of the CCP could be. Yet the statements made by those CCP officials are giving people a hint that the doom of the CCP is imminent.