(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa on June 26, 1999. I previously had a variety of illnesses, all of which disappeared after I began cultivating. I would like to share two stories of xinxing improvement during my cultivation.

We Should Always Look Within

Last month my sewer was leaking and dark water seeped downstairs. I contacted a plumber, who worked on it for two days but still could not fix it. I was worried so I discussed with my wife about finding a more skilled plumber. The next day, I contacted another plumber, and after he took a look at it, he said it wasn't a big problem. After two days of repair, however, the sewer was still leaking. He didn't know what to do, so I told him to stop and wait.

I know that as practitioners, we should look within regardless of what happens.

I went to group Fa-study on the following day. One practitioner asked me why I had not come the evening before. I told him about my sewer situation and he advised me to look within. Immediately, the attachment of lust suddenly surfaced in my mind. Wasn't the dark water in the sewer similar to the attachment of lust? In the past, I couldn't calm my mind when sending forth righteous thoughts. When doing so, I tended to think of several girls that I met before I was married. That situation lasted a long time. During this group discussion, Master reminded me through a practitioner's words. It was because I needed to let go of the attachment of lust. After Fa-study, everyone left and I also returned home. Upon arriving home, the sewer leak had stopped. From this experience, I understand that any issues will be resolved once we find our attachments.

Our Family Environment Is for Our Cultivation

All practitioners must walk our paths well. Because of Fa-study and doing the exercises, I seldom do household chores. My wife has complained, "You sit there the whole morning doing nothing." However, I still didn't do anything after hearing that, but my environment subsequently started to change and my wife argued with me. Because of these arguments, I had less time for Fa-study and had difficulty calming down when studying the Fa. My wife said, "You are too selfish." I became angry upon hearing that. Meanwhile, many things at home went wrong, including rain leaking from the porch, a food processor not working, and a steamer broken. I tried to fix them all, but was unsuccessful.

I later discussed this with fellow practitioners. They said that a practitioner should be a good person and discipline himself with the principles of the Fa under any circumstances. I recalled the words spoken from my wife. Yes, I was indeed very selfish. Dafa practitioners should be considerate and selfless, so how could I let her do all the work? In Zhuan Falun, Master tells us the story about the senior and junior monks. If I just enjoy comfort and don't fulfill my responsibilities, how can I improve? Is it cultivation?

I have since been more diligent in studying the Fa, and I took the initiative to do household chores. My wife also changed, and she asked me to do less. She often reminded me when it was time to send forth righteous thoughts. With improved xinxing, many things returned to normal. Water no longer leaked on the porch and the food processor works. When a practitioner does things according to the Fa, everything can be resolved.