(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners should not have an attachment to time. Our mission is to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. Some practitioners, as individuals or groups, have learned this lesson the hard way. Master taught us the Fa extensively and clearly regarding the attachment to time. We should pay more attention to this and sincerely try not to think about time and let it interfere with us.

In late September this year, a young colleague of mine who is not a Dafa practitioner, suddenly asked me, "Has time been accelerated? Why is it moving so fast? Each day passes so quickly--it is very upsetting." I was shocked to hear this. I wanted to explain it to her but felt not ready. I was afraid if I talked too much she wouldn't accept it and it could hurt her in the long run, so I said, "It may be so. I also feel the same way--it turns dark before I can accomplish anything."

Her words made me think. Even everyday people are noticing the acceleration of time. This means that time is accelerating very, very quickly. Master taught us in "Touring North America To Teach the Fa" in 2002,

"Before July of 1999, what used to be one second was one whole day. Even now it's still speeding up. What used to be about one second is one whole year now--and this is only an average figure, and it's still accelerating."

Master mentioned again in "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference,"

"Right now time is constantly accelerating. I can tell you that the faster I do things, the faster time gets since elements at the highest place in the cosmos have connected my Fa-rectification with time. The reason being, time is also a God from the old cosmos. They've connected everything in Fa-rectification together. When I'm fast they are fast, and when I'm slow they are slow, so the faster I do things the faster time becomes. But I, your teacher, have no choice but to do things fast. If I don't catch up with it in time, it would be too late to save everything in the end."

From Master's teachings we have learned that time is accelerating fast. My colleagues often can't help but sigh. When people ask them what is wrong, they don't have an answer but just keep sighing. It's as if it were physically necessary. It is said that a deep sigh is beneficial to health. I thought it might be because time has accelerated too fast, making the human body and heart feel the pressure and thereby causing people to sigh.

Master's Fa regarding time acceleration is a serious test for practitioners. Some realize that Fa rectification is approaching the end. Some are focusing on things that will be arranged afterwards, while others believe there is not much time left and that the final day is coming. Some feel that they have done enough and should relax and wait for consummation. Others feel that there is not much time left for them to catch up, and stop doing what Dafa practitioners should do. They feel extremely discouraged, and that the requirements are too insensitive. Thus, they have no reaction at all to the Fa. All these states are not right and are a display of strong attachments. I still have those bad thoughts surface at times in various forms. The reason that I felt shocked at my young colleague's comment is that I still have attachments and it touched my human heart. I hope fellow practitioners will pay attention to these problems and not let any human thoughts interfere with their cultivation.

Master said that the Fa is boundless, and that time has been accelerated, and it is really true. Even everyday people are realizing it. Dafa practitioners should not use human hearts to view the Fa. We should recognize things from the perspective of the Fa and realize that time has been accelerated and that the remaining time is for us to validate the Fa and save sentient beings.

We should seize every second and minute to do the three things well and try our best to save more people. Every second and minute we have now has been extended by Master for us to validate the Fa and save people. We should realize this. How pitiful that the world's people have no idea that they are in great danger. If we don't tell them the truth and save them, they will have no chance. It is very urgent--we should try our best to carry out our mission.