(Clearwisdom.net) (By a Clearwisdom Correspondent from Liaoning Province)

Ms. Zhang Liping, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Benxi City, Liaoning Province, was illegally arrested in September 2004 and inhumanly persecuted at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Around 12:20 a.m. on September 19, 2004, more than twenty officers from three police stations in Benxi City broke into Ms. Zhang's house and ransacked it. They arrested and beat more than ten practitioners, among them Zhang Liping, Li Qinghuan and Zhao Yuliang. They were blindfolded and beaten. Li Qinghuan was persecuted to death at a later date.

The officers ransacked Ms. Zhang's home and confiscated four tape recorders, Falun Gong books, four weekly newspapers, forty DVDs, one cell phone and 1,700 yuan in cash. In a search for "evidence," they even pulled down the ceiling panels and videotaped while searching the house for more than half an hour.

Zhang Liping and other practitioners were detained in a police station until approximately 1:00 a.m. Li Qinghuan was beaten for refusing to state his name. Zhao Yuliang was beaten even though he revealed his name. These three practitioners were transferred to the Benxi Detention Center the following day and detained there for 11 days. Li Qinghuan and Zhao Yuliang were transferred to the Weining Forced Labor Camp in Benxi City. Zhang Liping was taken to the Third Brigade of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province and imprisoned there for three years.

Ms. Zhang was transferred to the Second Brigade the following year. Because of her refusal to wear the prison uniform, she was not provided meals, use of the restroom and personal grooming for two and a half days. The guards took the practitioners' clothes and food, and forced them to work. They kicked and punched the practitioners and hit their heads against the wall if the practitioners refused to comply with the guards' orders. To protest the persecution, the practitioners went on a hunger strike. Zhang Liping was accused of being a leader and was hung up for two days.

In 2005, Ms. Zhang was arrested again and taken to a forced labor camp. After four months, she was transferred to the First Brigades of the camp for brainwashing. Another three months later, she was sentenced to three years of forced labor. Ms. Zhang was released from the camp on August 20, 2007.