(Clearwisdom.net) If we cannot study the Fa with our hearts, I believe it is a "life and death" matter for a Dafa practitioner. This is of utmost importance and Master has mentioned this many many times. With regards to this issue, how much have we understood? How many of us have carefully scrutinized ourselves again and again? How many of us can achieve the state of disregarding everything to rectify ourselves and thus enable ourselves to study the Fa with our hearts and have Master worry less? Master repeatedly brings up this matter.

Studying the Fa but not being able to have it penetrate the depths of our hearts creates gaps. Of course we cannot say that we don't place emphasis on studying the Fa, but if the intensity is not there, it will not do. This can result in suffering the most serious persecution. How many practitioners are not able to truly quiet down to peacefully study the Fa, resulting from their thought karma and all kinds of thoughts interfering with them? At this time, we should control our thoughts and calm ourselves to study the Fa. We should have determination to safeguard the quality of Fa study even if we have to repeat it a hundred times. This is actually not an easy thing to achieve and it means that we should all the more pay attention to this. If we don't rectify this now, in the future when we study the Fa, it will become more and more difficult to calm down and after some time, it will become second nature. We will no longer be able to detect the problem.

If we study the Fa but are not able to absorb it with our hearts, we are unable to attain the wisdom, strength and compassion that originate from the Fa. We will be trapped in the arrangements of the evil old forces. Even if we think that we are very strong-willed, it is only the strength of an ordinary human being. If we are unable to assimilate to the Fa, how will Master be able to protect us? Is this not a serious matter? If we are unable to study the Fa with our hearts, even if we know how to apply the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to do things, it will not do. If we cannot assimilate to the Fa, huge amounts of everyday mundane affairs will consume us, especially in this world full of temptations. The evil old forces will lie in wait and ambush us. We must study the Fa with our hearts so that the Fa can purge our karma and strengthen our righteous thoughts, so that we can fulfill our responsibility as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.

Many practitioners are not in a good state. We feel sleepy when studying the Fa and doing the exercises. The basic reason is that we are unable to study the Fa with our hearts, slowly making us drift away and affecting our fundamental improvement. Master has mentioned this issue many times. Why? Every one of us should look within. It is a very serious issue! Master would not mention this issue casually.

Let us remind one another to study and assimilate to the Fa with our hearts. This is the most important responsibility of practitioners. This is because only with the Fa can we be able to do divine things!