"I Am So Old, Yet Master Still Takes Care of Me"

My mother is 78 years old, and her eyes gave her lots of trouble. She always felt that there was a membrane covering her eyes. In the past, she suffered from an illness that her doctor diagnosed as cerebellum atrophy. I took her to my home to live with me for a while.

Since my home is one of the group Fa-study sites, every day, fellow practitioners came to my place to study the Fa for over two hours. I didn't have much time to spend with my mom, who is illiterate and unable to read the Fa, so she was really bored. Later on, every day when we were studying, I plugged the MP3 player earphones into her ears so that she could listen to Master's Fa-lecture in Dalian City. After several days of listening to the Fa, my mother suddenly felt as if everything she saw was bright and there was no more membrane obscuring her eyes. I told her that it was Master who had removed that layer of membrane. My mother was extremely happy and said, "I am so old yet Master still takes care of me!"

Now my mom can hardly live without the MP3. She listens to Master's lectures repeatedly and the more she listens, the more she likes it. She does not feel dizzy anymore. Whenever she meets anyone, she says, "Falun Dafa is really good!"

My older sister discovered that Mom had recovered physically after listening to the Fa, so she borrowed Zhuan Falun from me. Because my older sister suffers from rheumatism, every year she spends three to four thousand yuan to go to the hospital for treatment, but there is no sign she is getting any better. Mother told her, "This is Falun Dafa and it is not used for treating illness." I bought a copy of Zhuan Falun specifically for my elder sister, and now all her family members are reading it.

The Vehicle Was Destroyed and Broken into Three Pieces, While the Driver Was Not Injured at All

In the Yuanbaoshan District of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, a practitioner's son named Xiao Shun thought well of Dafa after he saw that his mother became free from illness after practicing Falun Dafa. As a result, he very often said aloud, "Falun Dafa is good" whenever he felt uncomfortable or things were not going well in his life.

One day, Xiao Shun drove a big Dong Feng brand truck to go to the Fengshuigouliang to move some soil. As he was going downhill, he saw an old man picking up pieces of coal in his way. Xiao Shun honked the horn several times, but the old man did not hear it. Just as the truck was ready to hit the old man, Xiao Shun quickly turned his vehicle aside. Since it was on a downhill slope and because of the inertia, the truck fell into the ditch and broke into three pieces--almost beyond recognition. Xiao Shun found himself standing beside the ditch after he became aware and saw that he did not have even a scratch on him. However, the truck doors were tightly closed. There was one small hole in the truck window, which even a small child could hardly have crawled out of. How could a man weighing 200 lbs get out through that hole? He understood then it was the Master of Dafa who had saved him. After he got back to the village, he told the villagers, "Luckily my mom practices Falun Dafa, otherwise I would have been finished. Falun Dafa is surely very good."

There was another incident when Xiao Shun went to deliver coal. When his vehicle was on its way to a place called Yu Huang, he was kind of sleepy. Suddenly an intense shaking woke him up. He saw that his vehicle was stopped by a big tree, and there was a deep ditch under the tree. If the vehicle had fallen in, it would have been destroyed and he would have died. Xiao Shun understood it was Master who had saved him one more time.

This is because when one person practices Falun Gong, all his family members will benefit from it. Whoever believes in Dafa will eventually be rewarded with good fortune.