(Clearwisdom.net) I frequently hear some practitioners say that when the evil people were persecuting them, they sent forth righteous thoughts, but the results were ineffective. Some practitioners also tried sending forth righteous thoughts when suffering from sickness karma, but their efforts were fruitless also. What is the reason? I have some thoughts on this issue and would like to share and exchange my views with fellow practitioners. When we send forth righteous thoughts, it is actually using supernormal powers. Why did Master not just specifically say "using supernormal powers" and instead used the term "sending forth righteous thoughts?" My understanding is that when we use our supernormal powers, our motives must be pure. First and foremost it must be for Dafa. Secondly, it must be for sentient beings. Our intentions to use supernormal powers must be to eliminate the evil, safeguard Dafa and protect sentient beings. Without any elements of selfishness, it will be effective. When some practitioners are confronted with persecution, the intention for sending forth righteous thoughts is for the sake of protecting oneself, to avoid being persecuted. Not only do they not think of Dafa, they also did not consider the policeman, who is also a victim and a sentient being that is to be saved. The mentality originated from selfishness of the human heart, thus the righteous thoughts were not pure. How can a human heart be able to activate supernormal powers? Therefore the sending forth of righteous thoughts will not be effective.

Some practitioners when facing sickness karma send forth righteous thoughts with the intention of eliminating the sickness. They do not position themselves in the place of a Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioner who is responsible for Dafa and for sentient beings. Since the evil is here, they must use this good opportunity to eliminate the evil.

Humans are selfish whereas gods are selfless. To act for oneself is being self-centered, but considering others first is an act of kindness. If we want to progress from being human towards godhood, we must overcome this life and death obstacle of selfishness. In order to breakthrough, the only way is to put oneself last. When encountering events, we should not think of ourselves, but think of being responsible for Dafa, for sentient beings and only have the mentality of a divine being. Thus, we will naturally have the powers of a god and we will be able to use the supernormal powers to eliminate the evil with ease.