(Clearwisdom.net) I had a dream and in the dream there was a big playground. There were many things in the playground such as parallel bars and children's roller-coasters. Someone came over and asked me, "You aren't interested in these?" As I pointed to different things I said, "These are not so exciting. Only the balance beam and the ladders are interesting." Right after I said those words, I woke up. I thought, "I'm over 40, so why did I have such a dream? Do I have some kind of attachment?" After digging deeper, I found a dangerous attachment--the attachment to mental stimulation.

Master said,

"People just go after the mental stimulation and will do anything for that craving. The authors have capitalized on this point and try their best to write whatever you look for or find pleasing. The more inconceivable the writings, the more you want to read them. Those are only artistic exaggerations. Those who indeed have these martial arts abilities will not act like that. In particular, they will not demonstrate them in public." (Zhuan Falun)

After looking inward, I noticed that I have a big attachment to mental stimulation. I have a strong sense of curiosity and want to try everything. Every time I learn of something new, I want to experience it. A friend once shared a sentence from the lyrics of a song: "only the uneventful is true." At the time, I didn't say anything, but I scoffed at it in my mind. If something is as uneventful as plain water, what's the point? I wanted to live a colorful life. This strong attachment of pursuit has created a lot of obstacles and tribulations for me, resulting in the exhaustion of both my body and mind.

This has manifested in my cultivation, as I wanted to participate in every project to validate Dafa. I always feel the projects I'm working on are not big or exciting enough. I always wanted to find the most exciting project to work on.

On a more serious note, I loved reading articles with titles like "Walking Out of the Evil's Den with Righteous Thoughts." I always feel very satisfied after reading these articles. I also envy practitioners who wrote these articles and feel that they have not wasted their time. From studying the Fa, I know that Dafa practitioners should not be persecuted. Those practitioners who truly cultivate well will not encounter these things. Since I have not eliminated the attachment to mental stimulation, my feeling of envy still exists. When I went to Beijing to validate the Fa on July 20, I think this attachment was the reason that I did not try to escape when I had a chance to. I had a feeling of excitement when I was in the detention center. It is also a factor for my not balancing well safety and righteous thoughts. My heart is not steady and I always want to be the biggest, the best, and the most outstanding.

When I wrote this article, I felt that something heavy was being removed from my body. Now I feel very light and cleansed, and I know that Master has eliminated it for me. Thank you, Master!