(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Thinking back, Teacher truly saved me from hell. I had fought with my parents since I was young, sometimes we even hit each other. I was in poor health before I learned Dafa, and had many illnesses. An unsuccessful love affair left me wanting to die. Luckily, Dafa changed everything. It gave me a healthy body and mind, good intelligence, and a happy family. I vowed to be a genuine Dafa disciple. I wanted to follow Teacher all the way to the end and help Teacher rectify the Fa and save sentient beings.

I want to take this opportunity to share my experiences about telling people the facts about Dafa.

In the beginning of the persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I did not know about sending forth righteous thoughts. One day, my sister, also a practitioner, who lives thousands of miles away mailed me several posters and the DVD Traveling in Storm between Heaven and Earth. I viewed it as a priceless gift. Overnight, I put up the posters on the same street as the courthouse and prosecution office. Signs that said, "Falun Dafa Is Good," "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Is Good," and "Restore Mr. Li's Reputation" were everywhere. Every sentence reflected what was in my heart. The next day, the police cars dashed up and down the streets. Colleagues thought that they had gone crazy. Only I knew what had happened. I finished watching the video in one stretch, and felt that it was indeed a powerful weapon to expose the evil. From then on I tried my best to show it to my colleagues, neighbors, friends, and relatives. The results were very good.

As long as we go and do it, Teacher and Dafa will give us the wisdom. I was very quickly able to make truth clarification materials, posters, stamps, and DVDs myself. Sometimes I just hand write words on paper. I put posters on utility poles, bulletin boards, smooth tree trunks, walls, and telephone booths. I left flyers and pamphlets in bicycle baskets, windowsills, and on gates. As long as I studied the Fa well and had a good mindset and strong righteous thoughts, the results were very good and the materials had good effects.

Explaining the facts about Falun Dafa face-to-face

I am a teacher, and I deal with students all the time. One time, a student whose family lived in a remote town got very sick. Although I was very busy at the time and was preparing for an important examination, I still stayed at the hospital with him until his family showed up. They was very grateful. I lent my DVD to him when he left the hospital. Later he showed itthe DVD to his classmates and told everyone that it was me who had saved his life.

I began to publicly discuss Dafa with groups of students in 2003. In the beginning, a fellow practitioner from out of town helped me and we talked to three different groups. With one person sending forth righteous thoughts while the other spoke, the results were surprisingly good. Later, I began to do it by myself. At times I was able to talk to 80 people at a time. Mostly I spoke in the third person, and also talked about the persecution of my relatives. Since I was regarded as a good teacher who truly acted on behalf of the students, they tended to believe me more and liked to tell me what was in their hearts. I told them that it would be a great pity if we misunderstood Dafa. I told them the marvels of Dafa and how far and fast it spread, the persecution that it encountered, and the principle that good is rewarded and evil receives retribution. The students in one of the classes told me before their graduation that the class leader told everyone in the class not to report me after the class. I was truly happy for them. Sometimes when I finished telling them about my relatives' experiences, many of them cried. In their eyes I was a happy, war,m and eager-to-help person. It was hard to image that I had so much pain in my heart.

Another time, a student came to me crying and asked me how she could help my relatives. She told me that her father was a police officer and she was concerned that he might have committed crimes against Dafa. I told her how she could help her father to learn the facts. In November 2004, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published. I began to take every opportunity to urge people to quit the CCP, and many students quit the CCP and its associated organizations. When the Shen Yun DVD was available, I found time to play some programs for the students. Once I was too engrossed and did not realize until the class was over that a few strange faces had appeared in my class. These few students thought that I was having an art class, and came in when they saw the beautiful dances. I took the opportunity to tell them the facts. I was grateful for Teacher's arrangement.

As long as one has the desire to save people, Teacher will keep bringing those fortunate ones to you. I got a phone call once inviting me to attend a class reunion. I immediately sensed that it was Teacher's arrangement for me to save sentient beings. All my classmates, with their families, came from all over the country to Beijing. I was eight months pregnant at the time, and they were all happy I was able to attend. I brought copies of the Nine Commentaries and Traveling in Storm between Heaven and Earth, and they were all very happy to take them. Later, I continued to tell them the facts about Dafa in greater detail. Some of them have already quit the CCP. Most of them worked in institutions that were tightly controlled by the CCP. Without Teacher's wonderful arrangement, they would truly not have had the opportunity to be saved.

Through Fa study, I enlightened that everyone we meet daily are people with whom we have predestined relationships. I tell people the facts about Dafa wherever I go. I have almost covered the entire market. Oftentimes someone overpays me when giving me change. I always return the money to them and take the opportunity to tell them the wonders of Dafa and urge them to quit the CCP. I also frequently spend the bills with truth clarification messages on them. Once, I went to buy some clothes with a fellow practitioner. We went into each store and told them the facts about Dafa. I did not find the clothes I liked until we visited the last store on the street. It turned out that our truth clarification was received the best in that store. Indeed, Teacher did not want to leave out anyone.

I have a young child and a busy work schedule. All of the household responsibilities are mine. It is difficult for me to find time to go out and just tell people the facts about Dafa, but as long as I study the Fa well and have the heart to save people, nothing will be delayed. In doing ordinary people's business, everyone we encounter has a predestined relationship with us. Offices, cafeterias, my child's kindergarten, buses, taxis, parks, supermarkets--everywhere is a good place to tell people the facts about Dafa.

The process of telling people the facts about Dafa is a process of saving sentient beings and also a process of elevating oneself. Gradually I noticed that I had lots of attachments. For example, I usually didn't mention quitting the CCP when I discussed Dafa with strangers that came to my house, but only told them as a third party the wonder and far-reaching spread of Dafa. Once a youngster came to my house to install an appliance. We talked a lot about the wonders of Dafa and the evil of the CCP. At last I mentioned quitting the CCP. He said he has never heard of such a thing. I said, "You are such a nice person. I have to help you quit the CCP. You don't have to let anyone else know. If I don't do it for you, you may never have the opportunity in the future, but I do have to have your consent." He was moved and quit the CCP with a fictitious name. In the past I was hampered by my own attachment of fear. When I truly think of others, everything becomes so simple.