(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings respected Teacher! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I began practicing Falun Dafa in May 1995, and I feel so honored to be a practitioner. Every step of my cultivation path was protected by our Teacher. Words can't describe how grateful I am to Teacher for saving me. What I have done is ordinary, but I would like to share my experiences with practitioners and report to Teacher.

All three members of my family are practitioners. Some practitioners envy me and say that my home is a good cultivation environment. Neighbors envy us too. They told my husband, "Your whole family is so healthy. Your child is so good too." My husband answered happily, "That's the good fortune brought by practicing Falun Dafa."

The three of us form a Fa study group. We study Teacher's lectures daily, and we focus on our study and cultivation, and practice together diligently. However, even the home of a family of practitioners is not always a peaceful environment, as we also have our ups and downs.

Neighbors have praised us, saying that my daughter is sensible and good in school, but they didn't know that this was the result of cultivating. When she was five, she started practicing with us. We went to a group study of Falun Gong teachings daily, and did group exercises at the exercise site. Her body was purified and her grades improved. She entered middle school ranked as the top student in her class, but once in middle school, she started going out with her classmates and hung out in the streets. She did not cultivate diligently and her grades dropped. She listened to pop music, and read foreign novels that were full of sexual content.

I was very worried. The child was born in my family, most likely because she knew that she could begin practicing Falun Dafa here. I had to take responsibility and not allow her go off course. I had to educate her, but only Dafa can change her. At that time, I didn't know how to look inward. I just pointed out her mistakes and asked her to return the music tapes and books. I studied the Falun Gong teachings with her, and let her know how fortunate we were to begin practicing Falun Dafa, and that we shouldn't miss this precious opportunity because of our attachments. Through studying Falun Gong teachings, she improved quickly. She recognized her mistakes and continued studying and performing the exercises. Her grades improved, and she entered high school with excellent marks. From this experience, I understood that as parents, we have the responsibility to ensure that young practitioners stay on an upright cultivation path. This opportunity will only happen once!

Our whole family is very healthy, which is also due to Dafa cultivation. My husband has many brothers. When we married, my mother-in-law was paralyzed due to a cerebral hemorrhage. My husband worked during the day, and took care of her in the evenings, but his brothers rarely helped. My husband became pale and thin due to lack of sleep over a long period of time. After eight years of taking care of his paralyzed mother, he developed many health problems himself, including heart disease, cholecystitis, arthritis, and back pain. He underwent many medical treatments. Our first child did not survive due to health problems, and my father-in-law did not show any sympathy. When I suggested that my husband and his brothers take turns in taking care of their mother, his brothers did not agree, so my father-in-law called on my husband to help. We often argued about this imbalance of responsibility. One day, my husband fainted and injured his head, which required six stitches. He felt dizzy, and I needed to take him to a hospital. I asked my father-in-law to watch our child so that we could go to the hospital, but he refused. My anger, which had accumulated over the years, suddenly broke out. I cursed at him loudly on the street while many people were watching. Our relationship went very bad.

After I began practicing Dafa, I followed Teacher and tried to improve myself, always thinking about others first. I understood, "Everything has its karmic relationship..." (Zhuan Falun), and that I should treat everyone with compassion. Through the practice, my husband's health improved rapidly and he soon eliminated all of his illnesses. My hatred toward my father-in-law melted away due to the Fa. I treated my father-in-law with compassion. I often told him about Falun Dafa and let him know about the goodness of Dafa, and about the wrongful persecution. I talked to him about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and he did. I knew that it was fate that we were in the same family. The greatest act of compassion was to help him quit the CCP and have a bright future. His wife said, "I can see that Falun Dafa is good, just by seeing the changes in your family's health!"

After July 20, 1999 when the persecution of Falun Gong began, we started to distribute truth clarification materials to people. At that time, there were no truth clarification material production sites. We wrote the materials by hand and distributed them to every home we could reach. I still remember the first time we inserted a flier in the door of a home - I was very nervous, and my heart was pounding. Upon studying the Falun Gong teachings more, improving ourselves, and with more experience, the fear lessened. We became more sensible and mature.

In 2001, I was released from the brainwashing center due to my strong righteous thoughts, and we moved to another place. We didn't know any practitioners there, and in order to read Minghui Weekly and follow the steps of Fa-rectification, I traveled to the home of a practitioner which was over 30 km (about 19 miles) away. Later, that practitioner told me, "We're usually not at home, and you never inform us before you come, yet each time we happened to be at home. This is not accidental, Teacher is helping you." I was touched by this comment, and very thankful that Teacher did not leave me alone. I told myself to work harder.

Whenever we ran out of truth clarification materials, I took a big bag and traveled to the practitioner's home for more. With Teacher's protection, everything went smoothly. One day, I arrived at the train station carrying a full bag of materials. A policeman stood at the gate, holding a two-way radio, and said, "Security is extra tight today, and people will be searched both arriving and departing." I thought that he was talking to someone else, but when I looked around, there was no one except him and me. I realized that Teacher used his words to alert me, so I took my bag and went to a bus station. I took the bus home without incident.

I picked up truth clarification materials many times, but never asked where they came from. I learned that the materials were actually from other locations, because the local printing sites were gone - some practitioners were arrested and others were forced to become homeless. I felt ashamed that I added more burden to the other practitioners. I thought about buying a computer, but had no knowledge of computers or the Internet. I was also afraid of the danger of accessing the Internet. The biggest element was fear.

When I told my family about this thought, to my surprise, they were all very supportive. Two other practitioners helped me to buy a computer, and our whole family learned how to access the Internet. At first, I didn't even know how to hold the mouse, but hard work paid off and I finally could access the Minghui website. We were so happy when we saw the big title of the website! I noticed that overseas practitioners had already prepared materials, and we only needed to download and print them. I didn't expect it to be so simple! I admire the practitioners who provided and edited the materials. With the help of other practitioners, my home became a truth clarification materials production site.

After we learned how to use the Internet, we followed safety instructions from the practitioner who taught us, including not to stay on the Internet for too long, and not to surf unrelated websites. After a while and out of curiosity, my husband started to read news from the Dinaweb, and he changed our download settings to receive pictures. I tried to stop him from reading other websites and downloading pictures unrelated to truth clarification, but he didn't listen. I lost my temper, said something unkind, and we argued.

Our daughter spoke up and asked us, "Do the two of you look like practitioners?" She then told me, "Mother, we are cultivators. Please look inward and see what you did wrong yourself." She said to my husband, "Father, the practitioner told us that non-picture downloading takes less room than with pictures. If we accumulate a lot of large files, and if our righteous thoughts are not strong enough, evil forces may take advantage and might lead to unnecessary trouble. Reading other things are attachments, and a waste of time."

I really admire how sensible the child was. My husband understood immediately, and realized that there were also safety issues involved. In fact, he paid a lot of attention to safety, but during this incident, he simply didn't. I felt ashamed of myself. I was poisoned by the CCP system, and wanted family members to listen to me. When they didn't listen, I lost my rationality. I am a cultivator now, and I have to eliminate my wicked characteristics, and strengthen my Buddha character. I must apply higher standards to myself and not remain attached to my old ideas.

During the past few years, the three of us have operated as a truth clarification materials distribution team. We did so, even when our daughter was very busy with her school work. She said that saving people was the most important thing to do. We cooperated well. We always sent forth righteous thoughts at home before we started, then we went to various districts to distribute the materials. We knew that Teacher was with us and protected us. We had no fear, and our activities always went smoothly. If we did not cooperate well, trouble would occur. I once argued with my husband about which district we should go to, and we almost canceled the trip. I eventually gave in, and we went with his suggestion. As usual, each of us did a unit. I finished mine and was waiting for them, when I noticed a man walking around and watching me. I knew that he was a plainclothes police officer. I thought to draw him away for the safety of my daughter and husband, so I took my bike and rode off. The man followed me out of the district. There was a police car waiting there and he got into the car.

After returning home, we studied the Falun Gong teachings and discussed the incident. We all thought that it was caused by our argument and non-cooperation. The evil forces watch us all the time, and are seeking our loopholes. Cultivation is serious, and we have to eliminate all of our attachments.

We are usually quiet and send forth righteous thoughts while traveling to distribute truth clarification materials. After we finish, we're relaxed, laugh and chat on the way back, without paying any attention to the effects of our activities. The day after distributing the media, I went to have a look, and was shocked to see that some of the materials had been thrown out. I felt really bad. The three of us looked inward, and understood that our purpose was to save people, not just to finish a task. We needed to distribute truth clarification materials, to let people read them and understand the truth. Teacher said,

"During this persecution, the evil has persecuted not only Dafa disciples, but also the people of the world! If a person has wrong ideas and thoughts about Dafa, he will be eliminated as soon as the mighty current of Fa-rectification arrives, for what he opposes is the Fa that created the entire universe of the future. In that case, where could he go? If he doesn't want to enter the future, he can only be disintegrated and cease to exist. That's why it is critical that Dafa disciples save all beings." ("Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference")

After this lesson, we paid more attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. After we finished distributing the truth clarification materials, we sent righteous thoughts to help predestined people read them and be saved, and to help these materials be passed along so that more people could see them, which resulted in a positive effect.

When distributing truth clarification materials in unfamiliar places, one of us sometimes stays downstairs, keeping most of the materials and sending righteous thoughts, while the other two deliver materials for each unit. The three of us are one body, and we've delivered truth clarification materials to many homes. Teacher said,

"Everything we're doing is magnificent. Everything Dafa disciples are doing is saving beings. And everything Dafa disciples are doing is simply unprecedented." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference")

We will walk our final path well, do the three things well, assist Teacher in Fa-rectification, fulfill our prehistoric vows, and give Teacher a perfect answer sheet on the test!