(Clearwisdom.net) I am sixty years old and a farmer in Changli County, Hebei Province. I went to Beijing for treatment in 2006 and my family would not tell me what illness I had. At that time I guessed that I had cancer. I did not tell my family that I knew, but instead talked to the doctor, "I know everything and please tell me how long I can live." The doctor told me that I had throat cancer and if I had an operation I could live one year at most and that the operation fee would be very expensive. I knew that we didn't have the money to have such an expensive operation. Since my illness could not be cured, I sadly returned home.

There is a Falun Gong practitioner in my village and I call him "brother." In the past he told me Falun Dafa is Buddha Law and cultivation. He also told me that the communist regime is persecuting Falun Gong and asked me not to believe the CCP's lies. This "brother" is energetic and high spirited every day. He always helps others and is very happy. One day he visited me and I asked him, "Can Falun Gong cure cancer?" He replied, "Our Master has told us that Dafa is not to cure illnesses but is for cultivation. If someone practices with the intention of having his illness cured, his illnesses may not be cured. You should have no intention and just practice Dafa to cultivate yourself into a good person."

I thought, anyway my health situation was like that, and I no longer cared if I died. I started practicing Falun Dafa. Gradually I became healthy and was able to do some work at home as well as in the fields. Nobody who saw me could believe that I was once at the edge of death. I have been practicing Falun Dafa now for two years and I am very healthy.

During the first half of 2009, I had a conflict with others in the village. I verbally abused them and my mouth became swollen. In the conflicts at home I did not conduct myself according to Dafa's requirements. Instead I acted like an ordinary person and felt it was unfair. As a result I could not calm down. I did not study the Fa and practice the exercises. I failed to look inward, but instead quarreled with them and wanted to accuse them.

Because I acted like an ordinary person, I had dropped to the level of an ordinary person. As a result, within a month my cancer relapsed and quickly spread. It was incurable. I became passive and even began to smoke. However, when I smoked, the cigarette singed my mouth. So I covered the cigarette with plastic to smoke.

As I write this, I am in tears: Compassionate Master has always watched over me and enlightened me, but I did not understand and let Master down.

My mouth was in great pain. My family used pieces of ice and a bag of frozen milk and put it on my cheek. I also put frozen jelly in my mouth to try to alleviate my pain. Later I went to the hospital for chemotherapy. As a result, my cheek became stiff like an iron plate. By July 2009, my physical state seemed so hopeless that I became depressed and wanted to end my life. I prepared pesticide and a rope for suicide. I was not practicing cultivation anymore and had forgotten the Fa's principles forbidding suicide.

One day when my wife went to the field to work, I drank one quarter of a kilogram of the pesticide. I was afraid that I would not die, so I drank even more. Five hours later my family came home and discovered that I drank pesticide. They found a car to take me to the hospital, but I would not go. They had no choice but to look for a local doctor. The doctor said that it was too long since I had drunk the pesticide, and he was afraid that I would not live. He suggested giving me an infusion, but there was not much hope.

They began to give me the infusion. That night my family saw that I was fine, and so they left me alone. After they left, I put a desk in the room and hung the rope over the rafter. However, as soon as I put my head in the rope, the rope broke, and I fell off the desk. My family heard the noise and rushed into the room. They saw that I was trying to commit suicide. Still not enlightening to what was going on, I thought, "Why can't I die?" My older sister had studied the Fa, and she said, "Master is protecting you and will not let you die. Why don't you resume studying the Fa and practicing cultivation!" I suddenly realized how far I had strayed away from the path of cultivation.

The practitioner that I call "brother" came to visit me. He said, "You should practice Falun Dafa! During the past two years you were very healthy and you experienced Dafa's miracle. Don't you see that even though you have drunk so much pesticide, instead of being dead, you are fine? Isn't Master watching over you and enduring all of this for you? Do not let Master down. Master is compassionate and does not want to leave a single person behind."

I felt so ashamed and exclaimed, "Yes, as long as I can still move I will study the Fa and do the exercises!" The doctor had placed a urethral catheter in my body. That night I did one set of exercises. The next day I was able to go to the bathroom on my own. My cheek became extremely painful. However, as long as I studied the Fa, I could endure the pain. I watched the VCD of Master's Lectures and listened to the tapes of Master's Lectures and studied the Fa. Ten days later the hard lump in my cheek became soft and little. I recovered very quickly. Now I can take the children to school and help out with the chores.

I do not know how to thank Master, but only to steadfastly cultivate in Dafa. I will tell my fellow villagers about the beauty of Dafa and help them have a bright future.