Name: Liu Wenping (刘文萍)
Gender: Female
Age: 55
Address: Dongguadi County, Fangshang District, Beijing
Occupation: Homemaker

Date of most recent arrest: February 15, 2008
Place of most recent of detention:
Brainwashing Center in An Village, Liang Township (良乡安庄洗脑班 )
City: Beijing
Persecution Suffered:
Imprisonment, abusive drug administration, sleep deprivation, torture, brainwashing.

( (By a correspondent in Beijing) Ms. Liu Wenping, 55, is a Falun Gong practitioner from Beijing. She lives in Dongguadi County, Fangshan District, Beijing. This kindhearted homemaker has been subjected to brutal persecution by the Chinese Communist Party for her belief in Falun Gong. Between 2002 and 2003, Ms. Liu was persecuted in the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp, where unidentified drugs were used to torture her. The abuse resulted in severe injury to Ms. Liu's mind and body. The brutal torture frequently put her life in danger, and she was resuscitated several times. Ms. Liu was in critical condition upon her release.

Between 2002 and 2003, Liu Wenping was detained in the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. In the labor camp, persecutors forced Ms. Liu to take an unidentified green-colored drug which gave her severe pain and put her life at risk. One persecutor let it slip that the drug was "intended to cause death."

In the labor camp, persecutors torture Falun Gong practitioners to the point of severe illness, and then administer harmful drugs so as to appear to be treating them while torturing them further. The poor health that some detained practitioners are in is due to sleep deprivation and physical torture in detention.

Ms. Liu Wenping was previously very strong and could even do heavy lifting, but is now emaciated and extremely weak due to torture.

Ms. Liu once told the labor camp director that the unidentified medicine gave her severe pain. The director told her in private to take some other drugs instead. Ms. Liu's family tried to talk to the camp authorities. One day, another camp officer summoned Ms. Liu in and asked her what problems she was having with the drug. She said, "I suffer a lot from taking that medicine. My whole body is in pain, and it hurts my heart." This officer told Ms. Liu to change the drug herself and then mumbled, "It was meant to kill you."

Ms. Liu's body was about to collapse from being forced to take the unidentified drug every day. She had to be resuscitated several times in the Tiantanghe Hospital. When released, Ms. Liu was near death. Her family was worried about her and called the labor camp. Camp officials said, "Once a detainee is released from our labor camp, she is all yours. We are not responsible for any of her problems."

After her release, she no longer took the drug and her health recovered quickly.

Between June and July 2007, officers from Yanshan Police Station in Beijing frequently harassed Ms. Liu. They monitored her in front of her house. On February 15, 2008, police officers Zhang Fu and Cui Wenquan seized Ms. Liu when she was taking out the trash and took her to the Yanshan Police Station. Ms. Liu was then transferred to the brainwashing center in An Village, Liang Township.