(Clearwisdom.net) The Sixth Mainland Falun Dafa Practitioners Experience Sharing Conference started on November 1. As soon as I found out about this on the Minghui website, I had a very solemn, sacred feeling in my heart. Thank you, Master.

I downloaded all the articles to my computer and read them as I was copying them onto a CD. I have read almost all of the articles published in the past several days. When I was reading them, my human mentalities were exposed. For example, I was looking for my own article I submitted, and I was arrogant and condescending. When I recognized such an impure mentality, I tried to adjust myself. Every practitioner has a different path and different things he/she enlightens to. How could I use my self-centered, postnatally acquired values to judge other practitioners? I am in no position to do that. We are all disciples of Teacher. We are equal. I am here to attend the Fahui. I should be humble and learn from other practitioners and find my own shortcomings in my own cultivation, cultivate myself well so I can assist the teacher in Fa-rectification.

After I corrected myself, I read all the articles carefully and was constantly touched by them.

I was amazed by the righteous thoughts and righteous actions of a 15 year old. I had tears in my eyes when I read about a 90 year old who said that he had no other thoughts, but to save a little bit money so he can travel to see Teacher when he is back in China. Such a pure heart. I was moved by a practitioner who rented a place for another who had gone astray, trying to bring him back. The practitioner quoted Teacher in Hong Yin,

"With shared purpose did you come to the earth,
And in gaining the Fa you took the lead.
One day shall you ascend to the heavens,
Then free, unfettered,
with the immeasurable power of Fa."

This reminded me how little I have done for my relatives who had obtained the Fa, but did not cherish it. I cried. I was so selfish. I was just going forward myself. When I read about how practitioners who are in their 50s and 60s, persisted in studying the Fa and saving sentient beings, I was so ashamed of myself. When I read about an elderly practitioner who has a monthly income of 200 yuan and yet was able to save 1800 yuan to buy a printer, I was ashamed of my careless spending habits.

I suggest that all of us who are able to go onto the Minghui website find time to read every one of these articles. They were written with the heart and soul of the greatest practitioners who have been nurtured by our great Teacher. I could not stop crying while writing this. Those who cannot get on the Minghui website should read the Minghui Weekly with a calm mind.

Thank you Teacher for providing such a forum for mainland practitioners to share experiences, so that each and every one of us can reflect on our ten years of cultivation with no shortage of trials and tribulations. Every article is a mirror for us to see ourselves and our shortcomings. We will study the Fa more and better, and save more people with righteous thoughts and righteous actions.