(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, revered Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I am honored to participate in this Internet experience sharing conference and grateful that Master gives the mainland practitioners this opportunity to improve our cultivation. I am grateful for those practitioners who are involved in the Minghui website. I would now like to share my cultivation experiences.

1. Making Dafa materials while getting rid of attachments

During the Fa-rectification process, many practitioners have created a home-based Dafa materials production site, including me, in 2008. A year's experience in running the production site exposed many of my attachments. Nevertheless, under Master's protection, reading the experience-sharing articles on the Minghui website helped me grow in maturity while constantly eliminating attachments.

I wanted to buy a computer to produce Dafa materials, but did not have enough money. I had saved 2,000 yuan for my son's education, but he did not yet need it, so I decided to use it to buy a computer. I bought a 3,000-yuan laptop and borrowed the last 1,000 yuan from someone. A practitioner offered to set up the system and teach me how to download a file. I learned very fast and was soon ready to produce Dafa materials. Nevertheless, my son returned home one day and asked for the money. He was angry when I didn't have it for him, and I told him that I had loaned it to someone else. I thought, "I used the money since he did not yet need it. How could it be that he needs it just when I spent it? It must be the evil attempting to interfere with practitioners accessing the Minghui website, and I would not let this happen."

Getting on-line access for updated Dafa information and sharing was the right thing to do, but it was not right if it caused a conflict with my son. As a practitioner, I should consider others first. I looked inward and saw my ego and a lack of consideration of others. My son needed that money which I had used, and I lied to him. How could this be right? I could not be happy getting on-line while my son was complaining. I decided to borrow 2,000 yuan the next day and gave the money to my son. I would have to save more money to pay off the debt, but I solved the conflict that the old forces caused. The next day everything went smoothly, and my son was happy and left with the money.

Two days later I received a letter from my practitioner sister in Beijing. She said in her letter, "Although we live in different cities, we are doing the same thing. My finances are better than yours, and I have enclosed two-thousand yuan for you as a gift." I had tears when I read it and knew that was Master's encouragement. I told Master, "Thank you, Master. I shall do well." This incident made me realize that if we did things right, Master would be there to help us. I saw the power of the Fa.

When making Dafa materials, I was attached to depending on the others. I could do everything smoothly with the practitioner who helped me with the system set up, but when she left, I encountered all kinds of trouble. Eventually she was too busy to work with me. I panicked when I turned on the computer, got nervous while printing the Dafa materials, and was so afraid that someone might break in. I later realized this was fear. I held my hands up and sent righteous thoughts and memorized Master's new articles. Soon the fear disappeared, the problems were solved, and Dafa materials were produced faster and with good quality.

Master said in Essentials for Further Advancement,

"...what you do then, with a pure heart, will be the best and most sacred." ("Further Understanding")

"It is extremely dangerous to add anything human to cultivation practice." ("Digging Out the Roots")

I now have a better understanding of Master's words in the above-mentioned articles and am able to independently handle the production site. Many materials sites were since established in my area. Creating these materials sites improved our xinxing.

To help with the first Dafa materials site, the tentative host was the former coordinator, prior to the July 20, 1999 persecution. After the persecution started, some practitioners who had fear refused to interact with other practitioners. They only trusted her, so I attempted to share cultivation experiences with her, and I encouraged her to create a production site. She told me that she was in debt. I borrowed a computer for her and taught her how to use it, which she eventually wanted to return. I noticed her reluctance. We tried to study the Fa together. She subsequently expressed her interest in learning how to use the computer and creating a materials site.

It rained the day we decided to bring the computer, printer and paper to her apartment, and the rain had not stopped by 7:30 p.m. I wrapped up the equipment and biked to her apartment in the rain. After I knocked on the door, she came out and asked me to leave, because she had guests inside. I asked if I could leave the paper here because of the rain. She refused and shut the door. I was all alone in the dark hallway. I managed to grab the three bags in the dark and carry them back out to the bike. I was so chagrined that I almost cried out, and I thought, "I don't mind the hardships, but I do mind that the rain might ruin the paper and equipment. I will never come here again."

While I walked home with my bike, I recalled experience-sharing articles from the Minghui website. One addressed a dilemma similar to what I had just experienced. A practitioner delivered equipment to a farmer practitioner in the countryside four times. The journey was a dozen miles of mountain road each way, not even accounting for the windy, snowy weather. The farmer practitioner refused and asked him to pick up the equipment three times. The diligent practitioner once got home several hours after midnight, hungry and tired. But he thought, "I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. Those hardships will not bring me down." His action motivated the farmer at the fourth attempted delivery to start a production site, and he has run the site smoothly for two and a half years.

Reading articles like that one made me cry. Now it was my turn. Why come I couldn't handle it, but the other practitioner could? We have the same Master and the same Fa. I laughed after I thought about this. This was just about cultivation. I thanked Master for giving me this opportunity to improve my cultivation, and hinting to me that I could do better.

Once I overcame my emotions, my fellow practitioner also improved her xinxing after studying the Fa. She bought the equipment using her own money, learned how to use everything, and eventually had her production site up and running. Her action encouraged many other practitioners to step forward and to do the three things as required by Master.

For a time I had many projects, many people asked me for help, and some would be unhappy if I responded too late. I developed an attachment to working all the time, and was constantly busy and tired. Time for Fa study became less and less. I fell asleep when I sent righteous thoughts. One day I heard that a practitioner who had just stepped out to rectify the Fa and had bought a computer needed help to produce Dafa materials. I offered my help and showed her how to use the computer and how to print Dafa articles. She did not talk much and tried to remember what I taught her. She used a lot of time to send righteous thoughts and asked me to stop working, to send the righteous thoughts every hour.

She was new to the computer and printer, but was not afraid and said, "This is Master's arrangement and I can do it." On the second day of the computer installation, she was able to print a Dafa booklet, and a few days later she could make a CD/DVD using the computer. She was able to handle all the Dafa materials production in less than a week. She was a fast learner. It took me more than a month to learn those techniques, but she did it in a week. This was once again a sign of the power of Dafa.

When I was there with her, she frequently corrected my posture when sending righteous thoughts. I originally had a hard time entering tranquility and constantly changed my posture. She however, sat there and did not move until the end. I realized that I wasn't truly sending righteous thoughts, but rather just sitting in a posture. How could I send powerful righteous thoughts by doing that? I also realized that this was a serious problem. Master might have seen the problem and arranged for me to work with her. With her help I enhanced my concentration when sending righteous thoughts and felt the difference. Sending righteous thoughts made me feel that I was covered by energy around me - warm, and strong energy on the top of my head. I was so thankful for Master and the other practitioner's help.

2. Walking the Fa Rectification path and facing family conflicts

Master said in "Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan"

"Remember that you do your cultivation in ordinary human society. All along you haven't done well dealing with the issue of having family members who don't cultivate. The expression that I used earlier holds true here, too--a three-foot block of ice doesn't form overnight. After you fail to handle things well at first, the resentment starts to pile up until it grows serious, and it will become, over time, a rift that seems completely irreconcilable. This kind of situation will bring difficulty to Dafa disciples as they attempt to validate the Fa. In every instance, however, the problem lies with our Dafa disciple. It is because you didn't handle the situation well initially that it has turned into what it has. With many things, it turns out that if you can balance things well and arrange your affairs correctly, there won't be any delays brought to the Dafa things that you do. [The problems] stem precisely from your not handling things well and overlooking what I just described."

After studying Master's lecture, I knew that I hadn't cultivated myself on family issues and was trying to ignore them. I thought that my husband was hopeless because he denounced me to the court under pressure from the local police when I was persecuted. He told the court that I had a mental problem after I practiced Falun Gong, and he wanted to divorce me. He even brought police over to arrest me, but it did not work. Because of this I left home and went from place to place for two years. I separated from my husband after I returned and treated him as a stranger. Looking inward, I discovered my hatred for him and how I treated him as an enemy. I could not get this emotion out of my mind and did not treat him as another human being.

Master told us in the Fa that everyone was once a relative of Master's. If one of Master's relative was before me, I should not treat him like this. The Fa teaches me that there is a reason behind everything that happens. He treated me badly now because I might have treated him even worse some time in the past. I am a practitioner and I save people, and that is my responsibility. He is my husband, meaning that he has a predestined relationship with Dafa and can be saved.

With righteous thoughts, I took the initiative and helped with his chores. I washed clothes and cooked for him. He was happy. He apologized to me in front of my son, promised not to argue with me, asked me to come back and stay together as a family. I knew that must be a result of Master's compassion.

I still have a long way to go and am determined that I can do well, because this was part of cultivation, and I will not let Master down.

Please correct me if anything is incorrect. Thank you.