Greetings Master.

Greetings fellow practitioners around the world.

I am a fifteen-year-old Dafa practitioner in Beijing. I would like to take this opportunity to report to Master about my cultivation experience. Fellow practitioners, please kindly correct my errors.

Obtaining Dafa in kindergarten

When I was in kindergarten, I copied my grandmother when I saw her doing the Falun Gong exercises. Grandma stopped practicing in 1999 when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began persecuting Falun Gong, so I stopped too. But, I still liked to play in the temple. Five years ago. I had a dream that an old lady said to me, "Go see your uncle's wife (my aunt)." On May 1 that year I went to see my uncle's wife, and she said, "I'm going to practice Falun Gong. You go watch television." I said, "I want to practice too." That is when I really became Dafa practitioner. Older fellow practitioners all called me a good kid. They all liked me, saying that I had good inborn quality and better enlightenment power. Sometimes, I brought along some other children who were younger than me to see my aunt for learning how to practice Falun Gong.

Standing firm to eliminate interference

As soon as I became a Dafa practitioner, my family started giving me lots of interference. Since my parents didn't understand what Dafa really is, I was not allowed to be a practitioner. One day while I was studying the Fa, my father tried to grab Zhuan Falunfrom me, but I held on to the book tightly. I said, "What has my studying Dafa got to do with you?" My father said, "You dare talk back?" and he started hitting me until I had bruises on my face and nose. At that time, I remembered what Teacher said about not hitting back when attacked and not answering back when slandered. But, I still refused to let go of the book which is very important to me. Later on he held me down on the floor and squeezed my neck until I passed out. When I could get up, I saw him throw Zhuan Falun into the stove. So I hurriedly crawled over to grab the book, but I could only save the first four lectures. With these four lectures, I ran to my aunt's home and didn't want to go back home.

My aunt brought me back home to settle the matter with my father. She told him, "It's illegal to beat up people and you've done a bad thing by burning a book that teaches people how to be good. You committed a crime and if he had died no one would pardon you. I won't forgive you if you do it again." Then I added, "Don't you dare do anything bad to my book again. I will study this Fa no matter what happens." Since then my father has not interfered with me and has never again done anything bad to my book. Sometimes he even skims through the pages in the book. Later on, he even helped me clarify the truth about Dafa.

Not long after that incident, a fellow practitioner gave me another copy of Zhuan Falun, which I treasure so much that I study every day, and I value that book more than my own life.

Clarifying the truth to save sentient beings

I became a Dafa practitioner after the CCP had already started the persecution, and I felt that I had started late. In addition to studying the Fa, I made sure that I didn't lose time in doing the three things. I focus on learning in school, and sending forth righteous thoughts after school. I do sending forth righteous thoughts many times a day and also talk to people about quitting the CCP. All my classmates have quit the CCP, and all the teachers in the office have quit as well.

One time a director of the school gave a lecture in our class. He was saying things against Falun Gong as he didn't know the truth. I raised my hand and stood up to tell him the facts to enable him to finally understand the whole thing. My truth clarification took about half of the class time. Another time, I was passing out Falun Gong materials to my schoolmates when another school director took the opportunity to advise me to be careful about my safety, and then he also asked me for some materials. The physics teacher even asked me for a copy of Zhuan Falun and for the software needed to break through the CCP's Internet blockade. In addition, he helped me copy Falun Gong VCDs. Other teachers asked me for copies of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Some classmates even wanted me to recite some passages from Zhuan Falun for them. Whenever I brought Zhuan Falun to school, they all tried to be the first to read.

One time I went to tell people about Falun Gong in a village. While I was there, I met a classmate who was passing out Falun Gong materials. Before that, I didn't know that she was a fellow practitioner. Thus, we worked together as a team, where one of us was sending forth righteous thoughts while the other was clarifying the truth and advising people to quit the CCP. That afternoon, we were able to have more than eighty people quit the CCP. Because some of the streets in the village were being repaired, there were a lot of migrant workers digging trenches. I talked with them in a friendly way for a while then turned the conversation to quitting the party, and they agreed to quit.

One day, thirteen police came to the village from the town. I took the opportunity to chitchat with them, and to talk about quitting the CCP. They all liked me, and at mealtime they took me to the cafeteria and bought me a box meal as well. They said, "Yes, we withdraw from CCP with our real names. What a shame. We aren't even as good as a child." So, all of the thirteen police withdrew from the CCP.

Prior to the October 1 anniversary of the CCP, there was a show in our school where the students were ordered to sing a song praising the CCP. However, we altered the song's lyrics. My classmate and I were at the front of the parade. I was carrying a speaker, and we started singing, "With no CCP we'll have a new China. With no Falun Gong there will be no new China." After the show, the teachers said it was great.

Prior to the so-called 60th anniversary of Communist China, I used brightly colored pens to write messages on a lot of power poles, "Falun Dafa is good," "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," and "The Buddha light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." I knew that without Teacher's protection, I wouldn't have been able to do all that writing. The words looked bright and shining, and they stayed there for a long time without being removed.

Teacher protected me as I had strong righteous thoughts

I had no fear when clarifying the truth because I knew that Teacher and righteous gods were there to protect me. Especially if I did well, Teacher's Fashen would smile at me and Falun would rotate very fast. Sometimes when the evil was surrounding and attacking me, Teacher appeared in front of me, pointing his finger at the rotten ghosts, causing them to vanish like bubbles. I thank Teacher for protecting me.

I like to study the Fa and practice the exercises when my family members are asleep. Sometimes, I can read without turning on the light. Sometimes, when standing in the snowy night with a single shirt on, I still feel kind of warm while doing the exercises. Everything I have done has been under Teacher's protection. Otherwise, being a child, what could I have done? Thank you, Teacher. I'll continue to strive to do better.

October 31, 2009