(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2003. I have been carrying out the work of validating the Fa and doing the three things that Master requires of us. Sickness karma emerged in my body as Master was cleansing it soon after I obtained the Fa. After that, the sickness karma recurred several times. Sometimes it was so severe that I could hardly move.

It was normal to go through the process of sickness karma elimination in the early stage of cultivation, but not after I had cultivated for a considerable period of time. So why did the sickness karma keep recurring again and again? Whenever the symptoms of karma elimination appeared, I saw it as a good thing. I regarded it as a reaction of my body undergoing the process of purification and a transformation of de, virtue and I accepted it unconditionally. In doing so, I missed the important point that this is the Fa-rectification period and we are responsible for saving sentient beings through clarifying the truth. Falun Dafa practitioners should demonstrate the beauty of the Fa to everyday people so that they will obtain positive views about Dafa and in turn, the possibility of being saved. It was selfish to think how much de I would gain through the karma elimination. Being "sick" too often may give people a negative impression of Dafa. Falun Dafa disciples' virtue is established through doing the three things well and saving sentient beings, and the ultimate mindset is pure selflessness.

I also enlightened that we not only validate the Fa, but also need to see Falun Dafa manifest in our lives which are rooted in Dafa. We need to be unaffected by external interference including sickness karma . The only way to reach this is through getting rid of our attachments and fear of "illness," "pain," or "treatment."

Once I understand this aspect of the Fa, the sickness karma never appeared again.

The above is my personal understanding to share with fellow practitioners who are entangled by sickness karma.

November 5, 2009