(Clearwisdom.net) Prior to the Olympic Games last year, officials from Hebei Province arrested Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Zhenxing. They also ransacked his home and personal property. Mr. Li was detained in the Xiantai Police Station and later transferred to the Mancheng County Detention Center. He was illegally subjected to one year and three months of forced labor. He was brutally beaten and shocked with four electric batons, and handcuffed to water pipes for seven days and nights.

Harassed and Threatened by Officials

Officials from Hebei Province had planned to arrest Mr. Li Zhenxing's entire family, but they could not do so without a reason. So, they changed their strategy and confiscated their residence permits and ID cards.

Li Tongxin, the Daxin Village Party Branch secretary, leading all local government officers, said to Mr. Li, "Give me those records [residence record and ID cards), otherwise we will arrest you." Mr. Li Zhenxing had no other choice but to leave his home.


After Mr. Li Zhenxing's family left their home, the local officials were in chaos. There was a policy that if anyone went to Beijing to protest, three levels of government officials would be fired. Therefore, officials from Mancheng County, Xiantai Town and Daxinzhuang Village spent over 10,000 yuan to search for Mr. Li's family. They searched the homes of all his relatives, but didn't find them. In order to force them to return home, local officials watched his home closely and ransacked the home and his personal property. They took away corn, seeds, a tricycle, a wheelbarrow, double-furrow plough, corn seeder, water pipes, hammer, wrench, pliers, and other tools.


After hearing about the pilfering at home, Mr. Li Zhenxing's mother went to village officials, who shirked responsibility and blamed the township officials. Township officials shirked responsibility and blamed the police. She then went from the police station to the criminal division, and in the end she had nowhere else to go. To cover up the theft, Yang Ping, the Xiantai Town deputy head, offered her 1,000 yuan. When she refused, Yang Ping gave the money to Yu Dalong, Mr. Li's cousin. Later, Yang Ping threatened Mr. Li's mother by saying that the Party secretary, Li Tongxin, had connections with the mafia.

Mr. Li Zhenxing was distributing truth-clarifying materials on the evening of August 7. He traveled through Liuma Village with Falun Gong materials, and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Fan Shuzheng, the Xiantai party secretary, found him and arrested him.


Mr. Li Zhenxing was taken to the Xiantai Police Station, then to the Mancheng County Detention Center, where he was brutally beaten. He was then sent to a forced labor camp for one year and three months, without notifying his family. The police later searched his home, where they found a copy of Minghui Weekly. The police used this as an excuse for taking his family to the police station, including Li Wenhe (father), Zhou Wenfang (mother) and Li Zhenning (younger brother).

The next day, Li Wenhe and Zhou Wenfang were sent to the Mancheng Detention Center for ten days. The next day however, Zhou Wenfang appeared to be sick, and was released. However, the police still watched him closely and he did not have any freedom.

Mr. Li Zhenxing was first sent to the Zhuozhou brainwashing center, and then to the Baoding brainwashing center, until the handicapped Olympic Games were over. While he was at the Baoding Forced Labor Camp, because he persisted in his practice, Mr. Li was beaten and shocked with four electric batons. He was also handcuffed to water pipes for seven days around the clock. Officials at the Baoding Forced Labor Camp did not allow his family to visit him, using the excuse that he had not been transformed. His parents missed him very much, and called his name from across the wall. Thus, officials from the camp told the local police to arrest them.

Mistreatment by Baoding Labor Camp Officials

Mr. Li Zhenxing's mother Zhou Wenfang is nearly 60 years old. She previously had many illnesses including lower back and leg pain, high blood pressure, chronic neck pain and numerous gynecological diseases. These illnesses disappeared when she started practicing Falun Gong. However due to the persecution to which Mr. Li was subjected, she became severely ill and got worse day after day. When she had to be hospitalized, four times, family members went to the local officials and to the Baoding Forced Labor Camp with a letter from the hospital requesting that Mr. Li Zhenxing be allowed to visit her, but the visit was denied. Mr. Li's mother died on July 16, 2009, but local officials did not allow a funeral. Family members went to the Xiantai Police Station (where Lu Hongwen is the head), and the officials wanted 10,000 yuan from the family. They had to give up.

In addition, officials from the Baoding Forced Labor Camp also intensified the abuse of Mr. Li Zhenxing. On a form inside the labor camp, Mr. Li Zhenxing wrote "Falun Dafa is good," "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," and "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa." Zhang Zhangqiang, head of Division 2, together with political head Liu Qingyong, extended his term by two months.

CCP's Lawless Rule

After Mr. Li Zhenxing was sent to the labor camp, his family members hired lawyer Chang Hao from the Hongqiao Law Firm in Baoding City. Right before the court hearing, the lawyer received a verbal notice from the Xinshi Court ordering him not to accept any cases related to Falun Gong. The lawyer had no choice but to refund half of the fee. (Note: the lawyer did not dare to defend Mr. Li because he feared losing his license. Even if he wanted to point out the error in the verdict, it was not allowed.)

We hope that people recognize the CCP's brutality, and condemn and stop the persecution.