(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Tang Liqun (53 years old) is a Falun Gong practitioner from Tianhe District, Guangzhou City. On July 22, 2009, she was arrested by CCP members and sent to "Law Education School" of Guangzhou City. She was brainwashed and could be sentenced to a forced labor camp. All the Falun Gong practitioners detained in the "school" (in reality, a brainwashing center) are deprived of personal freedom. Her family members are not allowed to visit her.

Since the beginning of the persecution, Tang Liqun's whole family has been persecuted, especially Tang Liqun and her husband Li Liguang. They were interrogated by police from the province and the city, by military police, and by the management of their companies. Generally, the interrogations lasted several days. They were blamed, cursed, harassed, and tortured mentally and physically. The local policeman in charge of Li Liguang is named Cao. The local policewoman in charge of Tang Liqun is named Zhang Li.

Whole Family Persecuted, Bank Account Frozen

Tang Liqun has been interrogated many times by the police and by the Political Department of Guangzhou Army District. She was locked in a solitary confinement of the army district for more than 20 days, which was much longer than the recommended one or two days. Her home was ransacked many times. Currently, her home is tightly monitored 24-7.

Tang Liqun's husband, Li Liguang, was demoted by his company. Many projects that he ran were stopped. He is tightly monitored by the Police Department of Guangdong Province. All his communication devices were monitored all the time.

Their child, Li Guangxiang, was also persecuted. From his young days, he watched the persecutions against his family. In addition, he was discriminated at work. Some companies even directly rejected his application due to his family situation.

Tang Liqun's bank account remains frozen. All her family members have been persecuted by CCP members economically, mentally, or physically. Today, the entire family lacks a stable income.

Police Broke into Their Home and Arrested Tang Liqun

Around the mid of July, 2009, CCP members broke into Tang Liqun's home at 2am. There were more than 10 people in the group and they came from the National Security Group of Tianhe District of Guangzhou City. Only one of them wore a uniform.

First, they cut off electricity to the house and tricked Tang Liqun's husband to open the door pretending they wanted to check the electric switch. Then, they rushed into the house, pushed Tang Liqun's husband to ground, and arrested the couple. When their son heard the noise and came out from his room, he was arrested, too.

The intruders read the so-called "search warrant" and started to ransack the home. They even searched a shoe rack and the restroom. They took away all the Falun Gong books, truth clarifying materials, and a computer.

They also arrested Tang Liqun. Due to fear and exhaustion Tang Liqun fainted several time while interrogated in the police station.

The next morning, Tang Liqun's husband and son wanted to bail her out because of her poor health condition. The police issued a 15-day detention notice but allowed her to go home temporarily.

Around the 10th day, nine policemen from the National Security Group came to visit their home. In the afternoon around 4 pm, Tang Liqun was taken away by three policemen while she was walking outdoors. She has not yet been released.

Tang Liqun's husband and their son asked around and learned that she had been transferred to many places. Currently, she is jailed in "Law Education School" of Guangzhou City. Because of inquiring about her whereabouts Tang Liqun's husband was almost kidnapped by plainclothes policemen several times. Their son was laid-off by his employer.

Law Education School of Guangzhou City: 56 Xizhou Rd, Chatou, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City. Telephone: 86-20-81730648. Zip code: 510435