(Clearwisdom.net) I have been doing the three things continuously these past few years; however, sometimes I see a big difference in terms of results. In the beginning, I could not figure out the fundamental reason, but through Fa study I have realized that it depends on how much effort I put into it. As long as I do them wholeheartedly from the bottom of my heart, the results are definitely good.

The internet was foreign to me, but due to my heartfelt wish to do the three things, I was able to learn by myself the skills for clarifying the truth through the internet. In the beginning, I was able to search using a keyword on several major search engines to find websites run by Dafa practitioners, so I successfully set up a free website at a major search engine. This is just one example. I think the key is that with a pure heart to do the three things, one will have the motivation to constantly learn so as to do well in truth clarification. With a pure heart, I also utilized the Freegate software to set up a blog that directly clarifies the truth.

After reading practitioners' experiences in sending emails to clarify the truth, I wanted to do the same. However, after sending several rounds of emails, I stopped due to the limitation of my internet speed. I switched to collecting email addresses and have overseas practitioners send emails to them. Some websites allow people to add contacts via email, so I took advantage of this to send out emails every day. Some websites do not have the email requirement and I can add dozens of contacts to my list every day, then send truth clarification materials to them. Sometimes I cannot find fellow practitioners to help with the technical part, so I do the installation, the firewall and copy VCDs all by myself. It is easy to talk about this now, but when I was just learning it was very hard. Nevertheless, as long as we truly want to do things well, nothing is difficult.

When we clarify the truth to people face to face, the effect is also pretty remarkable. When some people say bad words to me, it's a direct confrontation to my heart. I realized that we must uphold our xinxing and not get angry, because these people do not know the truth.

Truth clarification is very important, but the premise is to study the Fa well. Otherwise, the effect of truth clarification will not be good. Sometimes my emotions surface or I am exhausted from doing other things, thus I would not have the motivation to clarify the truth. After studying the Fa however, I become clearheaded again. What a magnificent thing it is to save sentient beings! Is there anything more important than this in the human world? Without studying the Fa well, however, we will not understand the inner meaning or the magnificence of it, and it would be like everyday people doing good deeds. We should be persistent in Fa study under all circumstances. Moreover, we should melt into the Fa when reading Dafa books, instead of studying like everyday people do.

I see some practitioners that are very busy with Dafa work, but do not study the Fa. I think if they first study the Fa well and have a better mindset before clarifying the truth, they will achieve better results. I cannot see anything from other dimensions, but my body can feel the effects of sending forth righteous thoughts-- I feel more energetic afterwards. Actually, it does not matter whether one can see with the celestial eye or not, the key is to understand the Fa principles. If we are clear on the principles, we will automatically know the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes I do not feel well physically due to the persecution, but after sending forth righteous thoughts I feel much better.