Greetings Master!

Greetings fellow practitioners!

Our Fa study group was formed in 2004. I'd like to share our experiences about studying the Fa together, how we cooperated and cultivated with one another, and ultimately how we advanced together.

Soon after the group was formed, two practitioners experienced the test of sickness karma. One person began to practice Falun Dafa before the persecution, but stopped after the persecution, and had just started practicing again. Her understanding was that only the Fa could save her, and so she was very active in Fa study. However, she passed away. We were very sad. We realized that she was too attached to the changes in her body. She misunderstood the Fa-principles by regarding group Fa study as an environment for improving her health.

The other person was a beginner, and also looked quite sick. We had regret that our efforts towards the former practitioner were not enough to save her life, and we wanted to do our best in regards to the new practitioner. We were very patient. We constantly studied the Fa with him, sent righteous thoughts with him, and helped him to find his omissions. His situation progressed and regressed, however, there was no indication of any obvious improvement after several months. We decided to figure out what was going on.

We stepped back and concentrated on studying the Fa. Gradually we began to understand. The practitioner believed in Master, but he was attached to getting rid of his pain and to survival. The rest of us were attached to the notion that if we studied the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts, then we had done all we could do. Why was the fellow practitioner not getting better? We forgot Master's teachings that states "things are gained naturally, with no pursuit." We were very attached to pursuit, and to obtaining results.

After we had a better understanding on the Fa-principles, we discarded our attachments and the symptoms of sickness in the practitioner disappeared.

One of practitioners in our group was young, well-educated, diligent in cultivation practice, and was doing especially well in clarifying the facts to people. For quite some time, all of the practitioners in our group, looked to him as an example and admired him. During this time, he became big-headed and acquired the mentality of showing off, often boasting about how he was freed from prison and how strong his righteous thoughts were. This situation was manipulated by the old forces and he was arrested while speaking up for Falun Dafa in public. Practitioners took action right away. We went to the local police station to send righteous thoughts that night and went to the location of the 610 Office to send righteous thoughts the next day. After he was taken to a forced labor camp, some practitioners went to the forced labor camp and sent righteous thoughts nearby. Some practitioners worked with his family and helped them to fight for his freedom. The practitioner was sentenced to three years in prison but was set free one month later. This outcome was possible because of the mighty power of the Dafa and the successful cooperation of practitioners acting as one body. We learned the seriousness of cultivation and that any attachment might be used by demons. To walk straight on our cultivation path arranged by Master, we must strictly follow the Fa.

Master won't leave behind a single Dafa disciple. So we took action to find former practitioners. We located the person who was the local coordinator before the persecution. After the persecution, he stopped practicing because of the pressure he received. Over the years many practitioners had talked with him but he did not return to the practice. Finally, a practitioner took him some articles containing stories about the relationship between practitioners and Master. He cried as he read them. He resumed his cultivation practice and became a diligent practitioner again.

Our group grew from four practitioners to eighteen practitioners. We have divided into two groups, but come together from time to time for a reunion. It is our destiny to be Fa-rectification Dafa disciples and we are blessed and honored. We will firmly cultivate Master's arrangements for us to the end.