(Clearwisdom.net) One day, the drain in my restroom was suddenly clogged. I thought that it must be due to my own xinxing problem. I realized immediately that my attitude towards Fa study had not been right for the past two days. I was mindless, and was treating Fa study like a job; nor did I maintain vigilance. This disrespectful attitude towards the Fa and Teacher caused my problem. As soon as I recognized and understood my problem, "whoosh" I heard the sound of water going down the drain, now unclogged. The clog was used to point out my problem. Many fellow practitioners have similar experiences. The problem looks difficult, but is solved easily as soon as one looks inward.

Practitioners are different from non-practitioners. Our method of solving problems is to look inward. Every problem or obstacle we run into is because we are not aligned with the Fa requirements with our understanding, attitude, or our actions on some aspects or some events. When there is a problem, it will be solved if we can look inward, require ourselves to follow Teacher's Fa, and improve our xinxing.

If we do not eliminate our human mindset, we provide a living field that allows evil to set up obstacles in other dimensions that can live in the world and make trouble. If we eliminate our human mentalities, then the evil in other dimensions will lose the environment to live in, and can be dissolved with practitioners' righteous thoughts. Reflected in the human world, the problem or trouble is sorted out.

If a practitioner does not look inward when having a problem or trouble, and does not correct one's xinxing according to Teacher's Fa, then the evil will have a market. It can make bigger trouble or contradictions, and hinder our attempts to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. If many practitioners have similar situations, the persecution will last longer. From the bigger picture, not looking inward can cause damage to validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. From the individual's point of view, not looking inward is equivalent to not cultivating.

Everything that practitioners do now is related to validating the Fa. Looking inward on everything is to actively assimilate the Fa, eliminate evil, save sentient beings in our firmament, negate the evils' persecution arrangements, and to walk on the path arranged by Teacher.

To look inward, we must study the Fa well. Only when we learn the Fa well, can we understand the requirements, how to look inward, what to eliminate and why we need to cultivate. We improve ourselves through thorough understanding.

The above is my personal understanding. I welcome all comments. Heshi.