(Clearwisdom.net) Many practitioners outside of China are involved with various Fa-validating projects, and everyone is very busy doing his/her Dafa work under tremendous pressure to help save sentient beings. To assist the coordination and smooth running of many projects, Fa study groups were initially set up within these project sites to allow practitioners more time for Fa study. However, some practitioners now seldom go to their local Fa study or group exercise sites. The majority of practitioners at the group exercise sites are elderly practitioners, as the younger practitioners, especially those with foreign language skills, are busy with different projects. Practitioners once used to greet each other by saying, "Which group exercise site do you go to?" Now, the greeting has changed to, "Which project are you in?"

We all know the Great Fa is formless, and Master has given us group Fa study, group exercise sites and Fa conferences. Media outlets and other Fa-validating projects are the ordinary methods formed and utilized by practitioners to help clarify the truth, and our everyday environments, such as the workplace, home or social environments are places where we can cultivate. Even though the energy field where practitioners gather to do Dafa projects generates enormous energy, it is still not a group exercise site. We cannot confuse an ordinary environment with a group exercise site. Master has clearly explained to us in Teaching the Fa to Australia Practitioners, the relationship between work, cultivation, the media outlets produced by fellow practitioners, and the relationship between truth clarification and cultivation.

In order to do the three things well, practitioners outside of China have used advanced technological means of computer networking to share their understandings and insights with fellow practitioners around the globe. These technological aids that are used for sharing and Fa study on a global scale should not be a substitute for local group Fa study or group exercise sites. In my understanding, coordination and doing the three things can be done most effectively when we do a good job at our local Fa study and group exercise sites, and build a good foundation locally. Otherwise, our projects and other Dafa activities can be exhausting work, with many trials and tribulations.

"They think that dantian is wherever dan forms. Actually, it is a dan, but not a tian. You may say that dan is everywhere, or that there is the upper dan, the middle dan, and the lower dan. However, there is only one actual tian that can develop numerous Fa, and it is the one in the lower abdominal area. Therefore, the talk of upper dantian, middle dantian, and lower dantian are wrong. Wherever one's mind concentrates for a long period of time, dan will form" (Zhuan Falun).

Does this section of the Fa taught by Master also serve the purpose of guiding us to understand the effects of group exercise sites?

Due to the limitations of my level and understanding, please kindly point out anything that is incorrect or inappropriate.