1. One day a practitioner held her son's hand as they walked down the street. While they were walking, her child said, "Mom, you should clarify the facts to this grandma." Li Ming (her nickname) did not pay much attention to what he said and continued on. Her child tugged on her hand and repeated, "You should clarify the truth to this grandma." Seeing he was so persistent, she went up to the older woman and started a conversation with her. It turned out that she was also a Dafa practitioner who had moved to the area recently and said she had been thinking how nice it would be to meet local practitioners. It was truly Master's arrangement. The two of them felt as if they had found a long-lost friend. This grandma had started clarifying the facts and validating Dafa. Li Ming enlightened that anything a practitioner encounters is not random. Sometimes adults need to listen to children, especially if their words are from the perspective of the Fa.

  1. One day a practitioner nicknamed Huang Hui was taking a walk. Suddenly she heard someone calling her name. She turned back and saw a middle-aged woman walking toward her. The woman asked, "Are you Huang Hui? How come you don't recognize me? I am Yu Cui [nickname]!" Huang Hui was pleasantly surprised and said, "I heard that you were detained. When were you released?" They shared their own experiences of the past several years. They had such a predestined relationship to be able to see each other in this incredibly enormous world.

    Yu Cui had been detained twice and sentenced to a labor camp for seven years. She was tortured to near death and had symptoms of cancer. The doctor told her that she would only live three more months, so she was released on bail for medical treatment. With Master's protection and fellow practitioners' help, she quickly joined the effort of Fa-rectification. She said, "I did not die from the severe torture. Master saved my life. I can only assist Master to save sentient beings in this human world."

    After hearing Yu Cui's words, Huang Hui was ashamed and felt that she had fallen behind. Since then, Huang Hui has been strict with herself and taken Master's words to heart:

    "Walk the last steps of your path well and with determination, study the Fa well, and, with a foundation laid by your having cultivated well, your righteous thoughts will naturally grow stronger and you will surely do well with what Dafa disciples are supposed to do." ("Greetings")

    She is able to do the three things well and grasp every opportunity to save sentient beings.

  1. Huang Hui has had business contact with Li Ping for almost ten years. However, they rarely talked to each other in depth. Recently Li Ping told her that he did not feel very well, and his doctor suspected that he had cancer, so he had to leave his work temporarily. Huang Hui thought to herself, "I must tell him the truth of Dafa."

    She told Li Ping, "Let me tell you a secret. I practice Falun Dafa." Li Ping was truly surprised and said, "Really? It is truly a secret. Why did you tell me?" Huang Hui then told him how she used to suffer from diseases, how all medical treatment failed, and that she turned to all kinds of qigong and religions and finally found the true Buddha Fa. She also told him about the brutal persecution of Dafa. This was their first long conversation in ten years. Huang Hui recited Master's article "When the Fa is Right,"

    "When people do not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound. When the earth does not have virtue, everything will wither and fall. When heaven deviates from the Dao, the ground will crack, the sky will collapse, and the whole universe will be empty. When the Fa is right, the universe will be right. Life will flourish, heaven and earth will be stable, and the Fa will exist forever."

    Li Ping listened attentively. His eyes brightened. He took a deep breath and said, "It is truly remarkable!" Huang Hui said, "You are predestined for the Fa." She once again realized the urgency of saving sentient beings and the responsibility of a practitioner.

  1. We were studying the Fa when Huang Caihua rushed in. Skinny and dark-skinned, she wore a baggy yellow flowered shirt. Her distinct appearance made me remember her. She came to deliver some materials in a bag. In the past, she was a coordinator and had very strong righteous thoughts. She distributed materials to many different locations and managed to escape from detention several times with her righteous thoughts.

Later she was persecuted. After she was released, her family feared that she would contact other practitioners and that she would be locked up again. Still feeling insecure, her family moved to a rural area many miles away from the city. Because she wanted to join the group Fa study, her husband fought with her. She said with a smile, "Others did not know that I practiced Falun Gong. Now they all know. It is arranged this way so that I can clarify the truth to them face to face."

After she left, another practitioner told me, "We were both detained at the same center. She was severely tortured and [forced to undergo] 'brainwashing.' She regretted her experience very much and said that she needed to make up for her mistake by making more of an effort to save sentient beings."

Fa-rectification is progressing rapidly. We are only given this one opportunity. As Dafa practitioners, we need to do well.