(Clearwisdom.net) After reading the article "Looking at the Boundless Universe with the True Eye, the Supernatural Powers are Wakening" published on the No. 405 issue of Minghui Weekly, I remembered a paragraph of Master's teaching in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles:"

"Back at that time, I wanted the transformation of the surface body to be in sync with the part that has been well-cultivated; I wanted to have the body be disassociated with the human state during cultivation; and I wanted to have the cultivating disciples use their own righteous thoughts to maintain a state that is just like that of human beings."

I have come to the understanding that as Dafa disciples, we should use our supernatural powers. Master has taught us this Fa principle, so Dafa disciples can make breakthroughs in this respect.

When we mention supernatural powers, many practitioners feel that they do not have their celestial eye opened and have not reached the state of gradual enlightenment, in addition to not knowing how to use supernatural powers. In fact, this is not the case. Haven't we been using our supernatural powers when we send forth righteous thoughts? Aren't we already cleansing our own dimensions and eliminating the evil with supernatural powers?

When practitioners use supernatural powers, it is not usually evidenced by us "seeing it." In fact, when our righteous thoughts manifest, the supernatural powers are also in place. As to whether the supernatural powers are effective and the degree of their effectiveness, this would depend on the basis and the degree of purity of these thoughts. If the basis is righteous and the thoughts are pure, then the supernatural powers will absolutely show their mighty power, shaking heaven and earth, and are capable of achieving anything.

A fellow practitioner told me a story. Once when an elderly practitioner was distributing truth-clarification materials, the police found out what he was doing. While sending forth righteous thoughts, the elderly practitioner quickly left. The police began chasing after him. Then the practitioner held a thought: "I'm a God. You are humans. How can humans catch up with a God!" As soon as this thought came to his mind, a gap immediately formed between the police and the practitioner. I understand that the reason he was able to do this was that he was protected by Master and righteous Gods and at the same time the elderly practitioner used his supernatural powers. In fact, Dafa practitioners are using their supernatural powers all the time. It is only that some practitioners are not aware of this.

Lastly, I hope all fellow practitioners can be like

"A great Arhat walks the earth,
Gods and demons fear with awe."
("Benevolent Might" in Hong Yin)

and are able to use our righteous thoughts to eliminate the persecution and safeguard the dignity of Dafa disciples and save more sentient beings.

The above is just a bit of my sharing. Please point out anything improper.