(Clearwisdom.net) On January 18, 2009, on my way home from a group Fa study, a motorcycle suddenly came out of nowhere and hit me from behind. The impact was so great that I was thrown several yards into the air and then slammed to the ground, landing directly on my back. The only thing I heard before I hit the ground was the screeching of tires.

The driver of the motorcycle continued for a distance and then stopped. At that time, I had strong righteous thoughts and was not afraid. Before the driver walked over to me to see how I was, I stood straight up and did not feel any pain. He was speechless.

I said to him, "I am OK. Nothing is wrong. I am a Falun Gong practitioner, so my Master protects me. Please remember that 'Falun Dafa is good.'" When he saw that I was fine and that I had no desire to argue with him, he quietly left without saying a word. Even though he did not say that he was sorry for hitting me, I was not angry at him.

A grocery store owner from across the road walked over to me and said, "How could you let that driver get away without taking you to the hospital? At the very least, he should have reimbursed you several hundred yuan." When I heard that, I immediately thought of the example that Master Li gave in Zhuan Falun, where he explains that everyday people are only concerned about getting ahead in life.

After explaining to the store owner that I practiced Falun Gong, he asked, "Isn't Mr. Li Hongzhi your Master?" I told him that he was correct. Then he said, "You are all such good people, yet Jiang Zemin still persecutes you. Jiang is so evil! Really, you are too kind. You need to go home and rest."

I thought to myself, "That's one more person who knows the truth and who has positioned himself well." I was very happy for him. After walking quite a long distance, I turned around and saw that he was still standing there, watching me walk away.

When I got home and started to do the exercises, I noticed that the outside of my left leg was black and blue and that my left arm was bruised. When I went to bed that evening, it felt as if someone was massaging my injuries. I had that same feeling every night for about two weeks. Shortly after, I noticed that all of my injuries were healed and that everything was back to normal.

It's hard to believe that a 70-year-old granny like me could fully recover in about two weeks from a potentially fatal accident. It was truly a miracle! I enlightened to the fact that it was Master who had saved my life once again. There are no words to express my gratitude towards our great Master.

The only thing I can do is to make good use of my time to cultivate myself well. I will calm down, study the Fa, look inwards every time I run into trouble, and rectify myself in Dafa. I will try my best to save sentient beings and will not take advantage of Master's merciful grace.

This is my personal enlightenment. Please point out anything improper. Heshi.

October 16, 2009