(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the evil has become rather rampant in terms of Internet control, rendering quite a few practitioners unable to access the Minghui website. On the surface it appeared to be a form of interference, but have the affected practitioners looked within and found the root cause? How is it possible for the evil to interfere with a diligent Dafa disciple walking on a divine path?

On the evening of September 20, I finished writing an experience sharing article. Before going online I sent righteous thoughts, knowing for sure that I could succeed in sending the article to Minghui. As a Dafa disciple on a cultivation path, no one should stop me from sending an article. As soon as this divinely inspired thought emerged, my article was submitted successfully. I also downloaded two days' worth of the website's contents and the pamphlet "Fake Self-Immolation in Tiananmen Square."

At one point I was unable to go online for two days. A thought popped up: perhaps the Internet blockade would disappear after October 1 (the Chinese Communist regime's 60th anniversary); I may just refrain from using the Internet for a few days. But on second thought I realized that I was wrong. Wasn't this thought itself acknowledging the persecution? How could I be called a practitioner walking on the path toward godhood? Why should I let the evil interfere with me, and how could the interference become a reality? Each thought leads to an outcome. The evil would be very happy if we all thought this way.

I said to myself, "No! I must get online tonight and download the updated software to break the Internet blockade, because I'm a Dafa disciple walking on a divine path." I constantly sent forth strong righteous thoughts, not acknowledging any of this evil arrangement. I was determined to do it.

From the Fa, I know that whether it's visible or not, when we send forth a thought from our divine side, it will work. I was indeed successful in downloading the latest version of the software and passed it on to other practitioners.

However, quite a few practitioners in our area wanted to avoid the "sensitive period" around October 1. For fear of being persecuted, some practitioners dared not to prepare "truth-clarifying" materials and avoided talking to people about Falun Gong. When they received new materials, they would say, "Let's wait for a couple more days before we give it to others."

Have we realized how precious time is right now? It is beyond measure, as Master has repeatedly mentioned. The CCP has spared no effort to ensure the success of its "grand celebration." Yet, things are bound to turn around after reaching the extreme. It's the regime's last flurry of activity before its demise. As long as we are not blinded by illusions, take the initiative in getting rid of the attachment of fear, send righteous thoughts, strengthen our truth-clarification efforts, and have an urgent desire to save as many people as possible, the evil will indeed perish.

Master has told us that the CCP exists for us. I think that whether it's still allowed to exist actually depends on us. Recently Master has published several articles, helping us in many areas where we have not been up to par or lack understanding, purifying us again, and offering us another opportunity to improve as a whole. There are only about two weeks left before the deadline of submitting papers for "The Sixth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China." Yet, many of our local practitioners are rather indifferent to it. Some said that they didn't cultivate well, so they have nothing to write about. But I shared with them, "If we really can find an area for improvement, it is a sign of being diligent in cultivation. Isn't writing an experience sharing article part of the cultivation process as well?"

At present, whether a single thought of ours is that of a god or a human being is extremely important. We should use our divine thoughts to negate all arrangements from the old forces and eliminate all forms of interference.

Master has told us,

"The Fa-rectification will definitely succeed, and Dafa disciples will definitely succeed." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference")

The day we have awaited for tens of millions of years is about to come. Let us get rid of our attachments, study the Fa more, and no longer let our notions restrict us.