(Clearwisdom.net) My mother, a fellow practitioner, has a strong attachment to her family, which has caused her to focus on trivial household matters instead of doing the three things. At the end of July, she went to the hospital for treatment for chronic and severe coughing and phlegm production. She was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer.

I knew that it would be very dangerous if she just relied on the hospital treatment, because it was not the path of cultivation arranged by Teacher. It was arranged by the old forces. At group study that night, I talked with my fellow practitioners about the situation, and everyone shared their understanding of the situation.

Some said, "Although the evil persecutes one fellow practitioner in the form of illness karma, it is targeted at us as a whole, and it is meant to sabotage and interfere with our saving sentient beings. Therefore, we should all help her send righteous thoughts with an additional special thought, 'We categorically deny the evil's persecution of our fellow practitioner, which is causing a negative impact on saving sentient beings. We also deny this form of interference with our improvement as a whole in our region.'" Everyone agreed to put saving sentient beings as the top priority.

Some said, "We should use our strong and powerful righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils that are causing the interference and to strengthen her righteous thoughts. We are all cultivators and a hospital is not where we should be. Hospitals cannot cure illnesses beyond ordinary people's means. Also, I'd like to go with you to visit her in the hospital. I want to help her look for attachments and improve on her understanding of the Fa."

Another practitioner said, "Encountering this kind of problem, we should all look inward according to the Fa. We should look for loopholes in our own cultivation and our environment as a whole. If we can pool all our power together, the evil persecution will be eliminated."

At the group study I also expressed my understanding, "Fellow practitioners, please do help send righteous thoughts. At the same time, we need to talk to her in person and help her improve on the Fa."

In the days that followed, I reported my mother's situation to the group after each time I visited her. At the same time, I brought fellow practitioners' feedback and suggestions to my mother to help her improve her understanding of the Fa and to strengthen her righteous thoughts. All our fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind the persecution. My mother looked inward and found some of her shortcomings, including not joining the group study though she had plenty of time, failing small xinxing tests that accumulated into bigger and more serious tribulations, and not doing the three things well.

After many discussions and sharing experiences with my mother, her coughing subsided and her spirits became better. Two days later, another practitioner and I went to the hospital to visit her. During the visit, the practitioner said to my mother, "After July 20, 1999, Teacher has not arranged big illness tribulations like this. Since you have attained the Fa, why not treat the tribulation as a test, let go of any attachments, and leave it to Teacher whether you will live or die." I added, "This is indeed a xinxing test. It is a test of life and death. Our cultivation path is very narrow and we don't have other choices. You can conquer the tribulation as long as you stay steadfast in your belief in Teacher and Dafa." We talked a lot, and my mother agreed with the things we had said. She also regained a lot of confidence and righteous thoughts. She decided to check out of the hospital.

Soon after getting back home, she returned to the group study and other collective efforts of fellow practitioners. She also started using high standards to judge how well she was doing the three things. She told me, "I will never think about my illness. I will just study the Fa more, do the three things well, and make up for my past mistakes."

One day after we sent righteous thoughts together, my mother said she saw in other dimensions a stark white hand pull a dark object about the size of a ping pong ball out of her left lung. Then her left lung appeared in front of her eyes and it looked very clear and free of any disease. I realized that our benevolent Teacher had helped her by removing the bad matter in another dimension. Teacher helped my mother resolve the tribulation. It was a big encouragement for her. At the time we were both moved. We also both witnessed once again the miraculous nature of Dafa. My mother's confidence became even greater.

After more than two months, my mother completely passed the illness tribulation. During the whole process, fellow practitioners in my local group had treated the issue according to the Fa, held discussions and sharing sessions face-to-face with my mother, sent righteous thoughts for her, and helped her find many attachments and human notions and improve herself on the understanding of the Fa.

When we encounter urgent situations, if we can all base our thoughts in the Fa and pool our efforts and righteous thoughts together, the power of Fa will manifest in front of us and the situation will evolve in the right direction. In fact, as long as we can reach the standard of Fa, Teacher will doing everything for us.

Above is my limited understanding. Fellow practitioners, please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

October 19, 2009