Name: Liu Fanqin(刘范钦)
Gender: Female
Age: 58
Address: BeiBei District, Chongqing City
Occupation: Cadre
Date of Most Recent Arrest: June 22, 2003
Most recent place of detention: The Fourth Ward in the Women's Prison in Chongqing City(重庆女子监狱四监区)
City: Chongqing
Province: Sichuan Province
Persecution Suffered: Imprisonment, Interrogation, Hung Up, Beatings, Sleep Deprivation

( (By a Minghui reporter in Chongqing) Ms. Liu Fanqin, Falun Dafa practitioner and staff member at the Optical Instrument Plant in Beibei District, Chongqing City, was arrested on June 22, 2003, after she made public the rape of Ms. Wei Xingyan, a graduate student at Chongqing University.

Ms. Liu Fanqin, 58, lives in the Beibei District in Chongqing City. She was detained in Dadukou District Detention Center in Chongqing City. For making public the rape of Ms. Wei, she was tortured by the police, illegally sentenced to nine years in prison, and detained in Chongqing Women's Prison in the fourth ward.

Several days after her arrest, she was taken in a police vehicle to a special back room. Hua, the director of Dadukou Police Branch; team leader Wen Fanghuo; policemen Li Ke, Tan Xu, and Hu Bin; and policewoman Huang Xiaoyue interrogated her using torture. She was hung on a rack out of the window so that she could barely touch the ground with her toes. Her lower back was held flat against the edge of the window. She was not allowed to go to the toilet for over 30 hours or sleep. If she closed her eyes, they would beat her. After a long time of being hung up, pulled, and beaten, her arms became dislocated, and she lost feeling in them, fainting several times. But each time, she was awakened by cold water splashed in her face. She was tortured again and again. Ms. Liu became disabled and is unable to take care of herself to this day.

She was diagnosed by several hospitals, including Chongqing City Bone Hospital, Southwest Hospital, and Chongqing Hospital, with brachial plexus injury of both arms and shoulder joint ligaments, and her shoulder joints were dislocated due to nerve and ligament injuries. The police station kept the diagnosis documents in police custody. Doctors could not suggest any way to help heal her injuries and deemed her permanently disabled.

Ms. Liu has lost the use of both of her arms due to torture, and she is totally dependent on others to take care of her everyday needs. Her lumbosacral area was also injured and there are other side effects.

At that time, the clerks in the Dadukou District "Procuratorate" had already verified that Liu Fanqin had been tortured. They had sent someone to the hospital with the police and Ms. Liu, and they had the investigation documents, including a diagnosis report from the hospital and the testimony of witness Xu Zhizhong, the Section Chief of the Procuratorate in the detention center, who told Ms. Liu that they would send her for treatment and never to prison. But Xu Zhizhong was transferred elsewhere, and nobody else in the Procuratorate would meet with Liu Fanqin again.

That Ms. Liu Fanqin was seriously injured is clear and backed up with evidence. Many people knew about it. Later on, however, the director of the Procuratorate, Xiong, said there was no evidence. The officials involved not only let the criminals remain at large but also covered up the crime, forged fake documents, and hid or destroyed existing evidence.

In March 2004, the Dadukou District Court ignored the fact that Ms. Liu had been so seriously injured that she might be disabled and could not take care of herself, and sentenced her to nine years in prison. In June 2004, the judge in the First Intermediate Court in Chongqing continued to overlook her disability and upheld the sentence. They also issued an executive order. In June, police in the detention center took Ms. Liu to a hospital for a falsified diagnosis and claimed that she did not meet the requirements of release for medical treatment. Later, they took her to Chongqing City Women's Prison again and again. The prison hospital refused to accept her three times, and told detention center officials to take her to a qualified hospital for surgery, because the prison would only accept her after she had been repaired.

In August 2005, detention center officials forcibly detained her in Chongqing Women's Prison without providing her with any treatment.

Since she is disabled, Ms. Liu needs full time care in the detention center, and she has to pay for it herself. After two years, she can only slightly move her hands. However, her injury prevented any movement in her arms, and she therefore lost the ability to even slightly move her hands. Her shoulder joints became dislocated and twisted, and the injury got worse and worse. Now, just a light stretch or movement of her arms, like washing her face or gargling, will pull the wounded tissues and deepen the injury. She is unable to eat, drink, put on clothes, or take a shower by herself. Several times she has been in danger because of her injuries.

For the past few years, with the help of her family, Ms. Liu Fanqin has repeatedly requested treatment for her injuries and has sued the departments involved, including the municipal Procuratorate and the the upper level of the Dadukou District Procuratorate. She has asked for an investigation into the crimes against her. Her requests have thus far been ignored.

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