(Clearwisdom.net) I am a veteran practitioner who began cultivation during the early years. On the surface, I never gave up cultivation even during the darkest times. But my cultivation was not solid, because I failed to fundamentally change myself. I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises every day, but my body appeared sick and swollen, and I could not sit in the double lotus position. My leg was in pain all day, which seemed to come from the bone. I could not even raise up my arms or sleep well. My relationship with my spouse was not good. He was always finding faults in me.

Since all problems are for Falun Dafa practitioners to look inside, I calmed down and looked inward. I found that I had not recognized the Fa based on the Fa, had attachments of leisure, and lived like an everyday person. This was the root cause of my sicknesses. In recent months, I have studied the Fa with a calm mind, and gradually changed my words and actions based on the Fa. After I began acting better, my sicknesses disappeared. My spouse also changed from opposing my clarifying the truth, to suggesting that I study the Fa when I'm not busy and reminding me to send forth righteous thoughts at set times.

Enlightened by my physical body changes and my spouse's attitude, the Chinese characters representing cultivation "修炼" (cultivation practice, translated) carried deep inner meaning for me. Master changed the second character from "练" to "炼", which is a reminder to me at all times. (The difference lies in sub-character - where it was changed from one implying "weave" or "build" to "fire") There were many practitioners around who practiced the exercises, but did not change their mind natures, and many gave up cultivation. From the character "炼," I realized that cultivation is to cultivate the mind nature, cut off desires, change the mind and body like being reborn from a bath of fire.

I enlightened to why Falun Dafa practitioners need to clarify the truth. It is not merely due to the evil persecuting us, though we do need to expose the persecution. I have finally learned that besides cultivating ourselves and leaving this place, we have a bigger mission--telling people the wonderfulness of the future and saving them.

After persuading each person to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, my mind broadens, and my compassion becomes bigger and bigger. I experienced a mind filled with great compassion. I am even more grateful to Master, who opened up my benevolence and helped find my path home.