(Clearwisdom.net) I live in the countryside and have a small tofu business. Every day I make tofu and then sell it, so I have been to many places and met many people. I have good opportunities to clarify the truth to a large number of people.

Previously, I did not have the courage to tell people the facts about Falun Gong. I only went out to distribute informational materials in the evenings. I went to many villages to distribute materials. Some people read them and discussed them with others, but many people did not read the materials at all before tossing them away. Practitioners printed the materials with funds from our meager incomes, so I worried that they were not being used in the most effective way, and it irritated me. However, I often thought that I had, after all, given them the materials and that it was up to them to choose to be saved or not. My attachment of fear was thus concealed very well. I even believed that I wasn't doing a bad job since I had distributed so many materials.

Later, after reading Master's lectures on Fa-rectification many times, I began to see the gap between myself and Master's expectations of Fa-rectification Dafa practitioners. As a practitioner in this era, I should put offering salvation to people as my top priority. We should put ourselves aside and be selfless at all times. But all I was thinking about was my own safety. I had sold tofu to thousands of people, so they all knew me well. It was hard for me to know all of them well. If after I told them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations, one of those thousands reported me, I would be persecuted. This attachment of fear was like a tree with roots of "selfishness" and a trunk, branches, and leaves like a big umbrella protecting my sentimentality and desire for financial benefits and fame.

In "Study the Fa Well, and Getting Rid of Attachments is Not Hard" Master said,

"The fact is, those who can't step forward, regardless of the excuse, are concealing fear. Yet for cultivators, fear or lack thereof proves [one's] humanity or divinity, and it is what differentiates cultivators from ordinary people. It is something that a cultivator must face, and the biggest human attachment that a cultivator must remove."

I must heed what Master teaches us. I wanted to uproot the tree and collapse the umbrella. After laying aside my attachment of fear and attachment to myself, I felt relaxed and began my journey. From then on, I began to tell people the facts about of Falun Gong and the persecution face to face. I would not pass anybody or any village without telling them about the beauty of Dafa and how Master teaches us to be good and kindhearted people. With the solid foundation that I had set up in my past cultivation, everywhere I went, people always said that I was a good, gentle, and kindhearted person. As a result, when I tell them the facts about Dafa now, it really works. The sentient beings look at practitioners' behavior. It is important that we first do our own jobs well.

Most people believe what I tell them and change their negative attitudes toward Dafa. They have understood the truth of Falun Gong. I also take the opportunity to tell people how the CCP persecutes good people and how has it viciously killed millions of innocent Chinese in its numerous political movements. I also explain how the CCP's preaching of "atheism" has polluted people's minds and played a major role in the decline of morality. I tell them that good is rewarded with good returns and bad is met with karmic retribution. With some kindhearted people, I tell them some basic principles of the Fa, such as about reincarnation. The effects have been good. Everybody knows about the CCP's reprehensible conduct, and everyone has had some experience with it. Many people have quit the CCP and its associated organizations. A large number of people have never joined any of its organizations and have hence understood the truth of the persecution. They will also have a beautiful future.

Once, a person invited me to come sell tofu in his village. It turned out that business was really good for me there. I clarified the truth to people as I sold them tofu. After a while, however, I noticed that many people did not take the materials I gave them because they did not really understand the facts. A few months later, after getting better acquainted, these villagers said that I was a good person and an honest businessman. However, the situation with regard to my clarifying the truth did not improve much. Many people were scared, and they would stop me or leave as soon as I began to talk about Falun Gong. I then changed to distributing materials in the evenings. However, I would find out the next morning that many materials had been swept into the trashcan untouched.

Was it because I did not study the Fa well myself or that my righteous thoughts were not strong enough or that I lacked compassion? Once again, I studied Master's lectures, which gave me righteous thoughts and wisdom.

After that, I understood that if I explain the facts with righteous thoughts, nobody can touch me! From then on I gave a copy of the materials to every person that bought tofu from me. As I did, I sent forth righteous thoughts: "Sentient beings, wake up now!" After reading the materials, some complimented them, some were enraged, others laughed and said, "You don't want to sell tofu anymore--you want go to jail." Not being moved at all, I said, "All the information I gave you is factual. Read it carefully. You are lucky if you understand everything there."

One day as I was distributing materials, a motorcycle suddenly approached. A tall man in a Western suit with a big belly got off the motorcycle. The meat peddler nearby told me, "He's a cadre. You'd better run!" No sooner were the words out of his mouth than the man was right in front of me. Smiling, I handed him a brochure and said, "Mister, please look at the facts." With both hands, he accepted my materials. Politely nodding, he said, "Thank you." Amazed, the meat peddler laughed and said to the man, "I told him that you were a cadre. But he is not afraid. Good for him." Strangely, the tofu sold quickly that day, and the materials were all distributed smoothly as well.

After returning home, I told some fellow practitioners what I had experienced. I was happy, but at the same time, a little afraid. Because of that, a few days later, a fellow practitioner told me that the Party leader of the village had reported me to the local police station and that I should take precautions. I realized that it was a test to tell me that I should let go of the attachment of fear quickly. I sent forth righteous thoughts and added the thoughts to eliminate all the elements that were related to fear and thought karma. After that, nothing dangerous happened to me.

I understand that I can only find my attachments and eliminate them if I do the three things well, and if I go out to save sentient beings. When I clarify the truth to people, all kinds of human attachments will be revealed. When I clarify the truth, sometimes I do it well, but sometimes I do not do very well. I need to constantly measure myself against the Fa, and constantly look for my own shortcomings to rectify myself. When I am able to do that, I can improve, and I can save sentient beings more effectively.

Written on October 11, 2009