(Clearwisdom.net) My father passed away more than a year ago. My father had participated in many wars as a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) army. At that time, in the army field, he joined the Party and thus became a member. But during the cultural revolution, as some of his family members were classified as rightist and thus considered "not good elements," my father was implicated. He was persecuted and was sacked from the Party. After the cultural revolution, he regained his status of a Party member.

A few years ago, Master requested us to persuade people to renounce their Communist party membership and its affiliated organizations. With full confidence, I went home to asked my father to renounce his membership. At that time, my father was in his eighties and lay on his bed all day long. But the moment I open my mouth, he said resolutely, "I will not renounce my membership. You don't interfere in my business. You practice your exercises and you should not interfere in my business."

From that time on, whenever I came home, I used all opportunities to clarify the truth to my father. I talked to him about the time before the CCP established their regime to the time after that. But after going through a big round of discussion, trying to persuade my father to renounce his membership, he still did not do so.

The second year during the holiday on May 1, I brought my daughter home to visit my aged father and mother. I once again mentioned to him about renouncing his Party membership. My father then happily agreed. It took me one and a half years to succeed in persuading him.

During the few days before my father died, he was very excited. He kept on saying words that other people didn't understand. People said that those were words from hell. I went home to visit him and my siblings told me, "Father had been looking for the evil communist Party branch for a few days and he could not find it." I stood by his bed and noticed from the expression on his face that he seemed to be looking for something, so I asked him, "Dad, what are you looking for?" He said, "I have been looking for the evil Party Branch for a few days, but I could not find it." I said, "Please stop looking. You have renounced your Party membership and you are no longer part of them." From then on, my father did not mention this any more until he passed away.

I explained to my family that my father was searching in the other dimensions. When a person became a member of the evil Party and when a person raised his fist and made a deadly vow to the Communist Party to give his life to it, and to present one's lifetime to the CCP, then you are part of them. The Party has placed a mark on the palm of your right hand and your skull. It is an evil spirit, if a person does not renounce his membership, when the CCP is doomed, its members will be doomed together with it. Our compassionate Master thus wanted his disciples to clarify the truth and persuade people to renounce their Party membership and thus offer salvation to people so that they can have a wonderful future. One of my siblings said, "In the past I believed what you said, but I still had some doubts. This time, I really believe you without a doubt."

October 5, 2009