(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of July 22, 2009, my husband stepped out for a while. When he returned, he was very angry. He told me, "The head of the residents' committee was monitoring me again. His expression was very unusual--he had the same look the last time he brought people to arrest you. You are always being monitored." He left after he finished what he had to say. I felt very nervous but I quickly composed myself. I looked inwards and sent forth righteous thoughts. I asked my daughter (also a practitioner) to send forth righteous thoughts. After sending righteous thoughts, the poem "What's there to be afraid of" (Hong Yin) continuously played in my head. In my heart I thought to myself, "I am a cultivator on the path towards godhood. I must cultivate in an aboveboard manner and I must expose the evil to the public and eradicate the arrangements of the evil old forces." In this way, my daughter and I walked out the door with dignity.

That morning, many people had come out and gathered in the community area waiting to watch the solar eclipse. At first glance, I saw the two people who were monitoring me waiting on the path that I had to pass. The look on their faces seemed to say that I would not be able to escape. I saw them exchange looks, and one of them quickly walked towards the community head, who was standing not far from my door. He did not look my way, but he quickly walked out of the gate and made a call from his mobile phone. I quickly walked up to him and greeted him, "Hello, how are you?" He was shocked to see me. I publicly asked him why he kept on monitoring me. I told him that I had been living there for close to 20 years, and why didn't he ask my neighbors and friends about my character?

He kept on saying, "You are a good person." I replied, "If I am a good person, why do you have to send someone to monitor me?" He gave a ridiculous answer, "I do that to maintain order." I asked, "Who is disrupting order? I am an old lady in my 50s and I do not carry any weapons. I only practice Falun Gong to be a good person. What on earth are you guys afraid of? You are only the tools of the CCP. You follow orders of the CCP to bully whoever the CCP asks you to. Good begets good and evil begets evil......" My voice became louder and louder. The people surrounding us all looked our way. He quickly said, "You have misunderstood." Later he begged me, "Could we go to the police station to have a talk?"

I agreed, so my daughter and I went to the police station. My daughter sent forth righteous thoughts on the side as I clarified the truth to the community head. When I talked about how the CCP set up the "self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square" to defame Falun Gong and also about the stone with hidden words that say, "The CCP is doomed!" he was stunned. He raised many questions, and I answered each one. I also told him many examples of people receiving retribution for persecuting Falun Gong. I said that I had been imprisoned for more than a year only because I spoke the truth. I said, "And after I was released, you still persecute me continuously." In the end he said, "What you told me today is very shocking. From today onwards, I will stop persecuting you. Don't worry. Whatever you do, I will not make trouble for you." Lastly, I urged him to renounce his CCP membership, but he did not reply.

A day later, he was waiting for me in the community area. I could tell that he was very excited. When he saw me, he immediately said, "I have been transferred and was promoted." From his expression, I could tell that he believed in Dafa and knew that he had obtained good fortune. I told him to quickly renounce his membership with the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He kept nodding his head and said, "Yes, don't worry. No worries." Before he left, he told me, "I wish you a good future."

September 30, 2009