Name: Hu Qili (胡其利)
Gender: Female
Age: 48
Address: Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province
Occupation: Formerly on the staff of Fangyuan Hospital (Affliated with the City Mining Corp.)
Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2009
Most Recent Place of Detention: Unknown
City: Shuangyashan
Province: Heilongjiang
Persecution Suffered: Forced Labor, Fired from Workplace, Detention

( (Correspondent from Helongjiang Province) Ms. Hu Qili was fired from her job for practicing Falun Dafa. For the same reason, she was detained and imprisoned in forced labor camps many times. On September 25, 2009, the Jianshan District Court in Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province, held a trial for Ms. Hu. From her arrest to the trial, the justice system violated the law on numerous occasions. During her most recent arrest, police officers deceived her into opening her door by pretending to be fee collectors. Once inside her home, they searched it without a warrant and seized private property and cash. They applied for a search warrant after the event.

According to an insider, in early August, the Shuangyashan City 610 Office held a justice system meeting. They ordered the Jianshan Court to find Ms. Hu guilty and have the trial finished by September 15, 2009.

The court issued only five courtroom entry tickets to Ms. Hu's family, so only five members could be present at her trial. On September 24, the day before the trial, her father and daughter appealed to the chief judge, Gao Zhixin, for extra tickets. Gao refused to meet with them. Ms. Hu's daughter called him and asked, "Which regulation states five tickets only?" Gao did not answer her and hung up the phone.

Ms. Hu had prepared a three-page statement to plead not guilty. After she read the first two sentences, the judge declared, "The statement is finished" and did not allow her to speak anymore.

Ms. Hu's two attorneys pleaded not guilty for her, but their plea was repeatedly interrupted by Gao Zhixin. Gao even said, "Say no more. The intention being conveyed is enough. Do not quote the constitution. It has nothing to do with the constitution."

The attorneys stated that practicing Falun Dafa in China is legal by law, that talking about the facts of Falun Dafa or distributing Falun Dafa flyers does not break any law. They argued from nine different angles that there is no law against being a Falun Dafa practitioner. At one point, Gao parroted, "Yes, there is no law against practicing Falun Dafa."

The prosecutor did not present any physical evidence to the court. The person claiming to be the prosecutor declared that he was the prosecutor Li Dongjie in the indictment. When the defense attorney questioned his identity, he did not argue.

When the judge adjourned the court, he asked the attorney to sign a transcript. The attorney refused, "I have not read the transcript of the court testimony. How can I sign it?" Ms. Hu did not sign, either.

Ms. Hu's family said that they will fight for her innocence.