(Clearwisdom.net) The Chongqing City Women's Forced Labor Camp is located on No. 28 Ganyu Road in the Shimahe Community, the Jiangbei District, Chongqing City. The practitioners detained here are monitored and mistreated by the guards and the inmates they control. The practitioners are forced to stand or squat in a military posture, suffer mental and physical mistreatment, and deal with hardship every day. Also, the guards and inmates abuse and beat them at will.

1. Physical Abuse

The practitioners are forced to get up at 6 a.m. After ten minutes of cleaning up, they are brought to a cement dam to stand or squat in a military posture until 8 a.m.. After breakfast, they are brought back to the dam to stand until noon. During that time, they are not allowed to move or talk to each other.

After lunch, they are allowed to take a short break. Then they are rushed to the dam to stand again until 6 p.m.. After dinner, they are given 15 minutes to wash and brush their teeth. Then they are forced to stand or squat in the hallway of the ward until 11 p.m..

2. Limiting Water Supply

According to labor camp regulations, each practitioner is allowed to use one basin of water in the morning and half basin at night per day. The water is used to wash their faces and feet, brush their teeth, wash their bowls, clean the cell, and flush the toilet. They are only allowed to change underwear and take a shower once a week with two basins of water. Practitioners who refuse to follow the regulations suffer corporal punishment and have their water supply withheld. Currently, four practitioners have been prohibited from changing their underwear and taking a shower for more than two months.

3. Inmates Were Trained to Persecute Practitioners

The authorities of the labor camp screened the most ruthless, poisonous, and wicked inmates to control the practitioners and provided them with special training session just for that purpose. During the training, the inmates were told publicly, "Any benevolence towards Falun Gong is an injury to yourself."

The authorities decided to reward or punish the controlling inmates based on how they mistreated practitioners. The guards publicly incite and force the inmates to do evil, and the inmates go all out to persecute the practitioners to gain rewards.

4. Mental Persecution

According to labor camp rules, the practitioners have to write a so-called "thought report" every day and recite the the six rules of the Ministry of Public Security and the 23 rules of the labor camp.

Beside the mental persecution, the labor camp also aggravate the physical abuse. The practitioners are prohibited from getting in touch with each other. The controlling inmates have to approve of practitioners' every deed and word. If the practitioners don't comply, they are verbally abused and beaten.

5. Cruel Strategies

The guards employ all sorts of tactics to persecute the practitioners. As a result, the practitioners have been seriously injured both mentally and physically. Then the guards put on a hypocritical face and deceive them into getting physical check-up. If the practitioners are found to be ill, they are forced to take medicine and allowed to sit but not to sleep. If the practitioners are found out to be seriously ill, they are forced to take injections and allowed to sleep without closing their eyes.

The Chongqing City Women's Forced Labor Camp is a living hell. The detained practitioners are suffering all kinds of devastation. Even in the face of death, however, they do not have any complaints and are still considerate of others and clarify the truth about Falun Gong in the labor camp.

October 16, 2009