(Clearwisdom.net) I am 64 years old and have had diabetes for ten years. On April 5, 2009, I had my ovaries and gallstones removed at the county hospital. The hospital gave me different kinds of examinations, and used different treatment plans. After two months, however, I had not recovered from the surgeries. My stomach and intestines were seriously paralyzed. I had difficulties getting down water and rice and had to rely on infusions to live on. My relatives and friends who came to visit me felt sad for me, believing that I was dying. My younger sister looked for a cemetery for me. My father, who was 89 years old, came to see me once. When he saw that my face was as pale as dust with a different expression, and that I was reduced to a mere skeleton, he went home with a big sigh and died two days later.

The hospital asked me to transfer to a different hospital. I wanted to go home, and my family had no other choice, so we brought home a big bag of medication. That same evening, someone came to see me. We didn't know each other well, but fifteen years before we had practiced Falun Gong together. He had been the assistant. I didn't practice long, since I was busy working and I believed that I had very strong attachments that I could not get rid of. I thought that I should start cultivation only after I retired, so I left without telling him, keeping in mind a high respect for Master and Dafa. I very much admired this practitioner for being persistent and diligent in cultivation. I also admired him for not giving up even when being threatened by the police. But I also did not quite understand him. So when I saw him, my feelings were complicated.

He didn't say much, but had a very strong affinity with Falun Dafa. He said, "If you just say, 'Falun Dafa is good,' my Master will protect you." Because of the repeated defamatory propaganda put out by the Chinese Communist Party, I had some misconceptions about Dafa, so I said, "I won't say that." With no impatience, he seemed to see through my attachments. Before he left, he gave me some Falun Gong materials and told me, "You read it carefully, and I will come back tomorrow." After my son finished reading it aloud to me, I seemed to understand a lot, but I was still half suspicious. The next day he came again and brought with him the DVD of the "Tiananmen Self-Immolation Incident." I witnessed the truth about the event, that it was all staged by the Chinese Communist Party. I sighed with emotion. I had been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party. I had misunderstood Master, misunderstood Dafa, and misunderstood fellow practitioners. At that moment, I wanted to start cultivation again.

After that, every night he came on time to study the Fa with me, regardless of the weather. We studied Zhuan Falun, and Master's lectures at the Fa conferences in North America, New York, Sydney, Australia, Southeast Asia, as well as other new articles. At the same time, I repeatedly listened to recordings of Master's Nine-Day Lecture in Guangzhou, Master's Nine-Day Lecture in Jinan, and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, etc. We also recited Hong Yin, Essentials for Further Advancement, etc. I felt very much lightened spiritually, and I was getting better physically. Slowly I was able to eat some porridge. At the same tine, I gave up all kinds of medications and the 8-hour infusion. I got rid of the endless treatment and saved large amounts on medical expenses.

One more month passed. When I sat up for the first time, and ate half of a bun, my entire family witnessed the miracle of Dafa. We were so excited that we cried. Indeed, during the time when I was seriously sick, my son and my husband took care of me day and night. My daughter bought me all kinds of delicious foods, but the moment I saw the food, I wanted to throw up. In desperation she went thirty li (Chinese miles, approx. 0.5 km or 0.3 miles) away to beg the Bodhisattva. However, neither the hospital nor the Bodhisattva could save me. It is Falun Dafa that miraculously helped me to survive. Gradually I recovered physically. How can my whole family not be thankful?

Our whole family expressed our thankfulness to that Falun Gong practitioner. I also said, "It is indeed you who saved me at the very critical moment." He said very seriously, "In fact, your fate is already set. It is Master's compassion that draws you back." When he saw that I did not understand, he said again, "You were a Dafa practitioner 15 years ago, and Master won't ignore on a single practitioner." I felt too ashamed to show my face. I made up my mind that I would surely believe firmly in Master and Dafa without changing my mind, and will be diligent without slacking off.

Since my family witnessed the miracle of Dafa, my son and daughter also became cultivators. We set up a Fa study group at home. Every day I send forth righteous thoughts and we never miss Fa-study or doing the exercises. We do carefully the three things. My son and daughter also brought home a computer and printer. With their help, we set up a family materials production center. My husband, who was a Chinese Communist Party member for over 40 years, quit the CCP and its related organizations. Whenever I became lazy, he also reminded me to send forth righteous thoughts and to do well the three things.

Currently, I am recovering physically and I can take care of myself on a daily basis. Since I had to stay in bed for so long, my muscles had no strength, and I could hardly stand steadily. I could not finish doing the standing exercises, and I repeatedly asked Master to strengthen me. After diligent practice, I can now complete the first set of exercises.

It is Dafa that saved me, and it is Master who gave me a second life. I feel thankful for our great Master and also thankful for every fellow practitioner's unselfish help. I will definitely live up to Master's compassionate saving, be diligent in cultivation, and return home with Master in consummation.