(Clearwisdom.net) The phrase "uttering lotus flowers" is interpreted by non-practitioners as "making witty remarks." But from a cultivator's point of view, its inner meaning is actually quite different.

I wonder if, when we speak from the Fa perspective, every word we utter is at least as pure as a lotus flower? Then, when we talk about attachments to fame, self-interests, and sentimentalities, what are those things utterances in other dimensions? According to different attachments, they are the equivalent of weeds, rubbish, and filth.

Since all creatures are living beings, then aren't our words also living things? Otherwise, how could we produce such powerful energy while clarifying the truth to people? Even ordinary people have the saying "vicious words can hurt," so our words, positive or negative, really do have an effect. Isn't it clear, then, that we should utter lotus flowers instead of filth? If we were to understand this principle, would we still utter malicious words? Would we still speak eloquently in order to show off? Would we still utter evil words? Would we still quarrel with others? Would we still blame others? Would we still tell boring jokes? Would we shout and deliver attachments verbally? No, we would not. If people who speak to us are surrounded by our righteous thoughts and actions, then aren't they surrounded by our righteous field? When we clarify the truth in such an atmosphere, bad things in other dimensions will be easily eliminated. Without the interference of rotten ghosts and evil spirits from other dimensions, people will understand the truth much more easily.

Words are the manifestation of our thoughts. A person who has eaten onions, ginger, and garlic produces an unpleasant odor when he opens his mouth. If he does not want to produce that odor, he should not eat those things. As practitioners in the Fa-rectification period, if we want to utter lotus flowers without hesitation, shouldn't we remove the attachments that exist in our thoughts? If we force ourselves not to utter bad words, then we only solve the problem on the surface. If we want to solve the problem fundamentally, then we should eradicate our attachments. When we reach the state of uttering every word from a Fa perspective, then we are close to consummation. During the process of cultivation, we should be aware of this at all times and rectify all of those ill intentions.

Most people today speak quickly, impatiently, and loudly. When we begin using words full of compassion and use a compassionate tone, we really can produce huge and powerful energy, which can repress bad elements and disintegrate them immediately.

A practitioner that is walking on the divine path should purify himself in every respect. His thoughts, language, tone, wording, and everything he projects should become increasingly pure. I hope we can do better in our cultivation of speech. Let's cultivate away any hint of vileness, turn our language into a pathway manifesting Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and become Fa implements. Let's manifest the wonder of Dafa practitioners with our divine language.

October 14, 2009