(Clearwisdom.net) Much to the delight of an enthusiastic audience, Shen Yun Performing Arts made its 2009 debut to Europe in the Théâtre du Léman in Geneva on Tuesday night.

Mr. Claude Proz, the manager of the theater which has been hosting the New York-based Shen Yun for the past three years, said he would be glad to welcome Shen Yun every year. "It's magnificent, it's a spectacle, and I'm delighted it's coming back and I'll be delighted that's it's showing tomorrow and after tomorrow. I thought it was exceptional!"

Mr. Claude Proz, manager of Theatre du Leman

The piece Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution touched Mr. Proz, in particular. The piece is a story of a father who is persecuted for his belief in Falun Gong in China under the communist regime.

"There we can feel the message that's been told since many years, too many long years, and I have to say that this message touched me and it was therefore an exceptional night."

He added that he was amazed by the delicacy and grace of the dancers and the level of their talent.
"The men are magnificent, but the grace of those young ladies, when they move, it's as though they're not touching the ground, as if they're floating because they're so light, they move with so much finesse. It's joyful, it's enjoyable and it's real high quality," he said.

Mr. Proz appreciated the hard work and training that the artists go through to be able to deliver a performance of such high caliber. "Everything that looks easy is really hard to do, so we see that there's been a great deal of work done to reach this quality and we might think it's easy, but we ask ourselves why aren't we moving that way all the time? Why don't all women have this femininity? In reality it involves hard, hard work."

He said he hopes to continue hosting Shen Yun each year because it is something he cares about.

"I think this year it has reached a summit in what can be achieved, it was an extremely professional show, moving, with programs that tell a great deal," Mr. Proz said.

"They're short, they're beautiful and they tell a great deal about the message that they try to convey. I thought it was exceptional!"

Mr. Proz, who was also celebrating his birthday, said he would tell his family to come see the show. "I have to say that we were moved by certain programs and amazed by others."

Shen Yun "Quite Moving!"

Food expert Mr. Neirynch was also amongst the audience who warmly welcomed the New York based Shen Yun back to Switzerland. "It's a show that really touched me, moved me."

He was deeply touched by the myths and legends from ancient China's five millennia of history. "On one side, regarding the diversity of the pieces that played out. In actuality, we could witness a genuine traditional Chinese spirit, and that just took me directly into that country ... This is where we see that there is, how can I say--a motivation in these young people to embody their ancestors and to share historical moments."

Mr. Neirynch shared that he was moved by the singers. "I really enjoyed the vocal performances, especially the tenors really moved me, also the soprano really touched me. I noticed that each one had his own style, the singer who came out last had released enormous energy that was felt throughout the auditorium. That is something quite moving I must say!"

"There was a desire to show the extent to which China's cultural aspect is strong, joyful and honorable."

Mr. Neirynch highly recommended Shen Yun to others from Geneva and around the world. "I would recommend to the people who did not see this show yet to go and see it, even if we don't identify with this world right away, because it's a different world for us Westerners, it's really worth discovering it, and I think that tonight's performance displayed it very well."